Louisiana School Pregnancy Test Policy

A school forced students to take a pregnancy test, and refusals or positive results cause expulsion.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Louisiana School Pregnancy Test Policy
Well it's time for the mix and this story out was a huge red -- for me there was -- school. There -- -- school rather in Louisiana it's called the -- charter school and they decided that. They would try to enforce a policy where. If they suspected that they have female student was pregnant they would tester. If she was pregnant she get kicked out and if she refused to take the test she would be. Kicked out come -- Canada and -- is wrong on so many levels it's unconstitutional. It's just it's illegal. In a private -- of privacy -- and the list goes on and on and on so so now we're we're being told. That the school is going to change its policy because -- realize that there is no way that it can stand apparently a girl. Fumble Phelps has got kicked out she complain and that's how we we we're. Finding out about them she did at Honolulu who thought that -- would -- the rationale was behind it to deter teenage pregnancy and understand that but. I don't think there if history and I think it could just exercise I believe -- -- really is what about the voice. The boy's dad got -- you know Bryant got the -- -- -- going to expecting is the -- going to get Bryant kicked out as well it was all the onus on the latest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fat fat fat fat delegate -- Also we've -- this story all week about the the landing of the rover on Mars and big deal for NASA it's a fairly liberal got a glimpse of Mohawk guy. During -- -- that you see the whole thing the animation of the -- huge success for the country for. And for NASA heads of this guy who's the flight director -- that -- for about nine years with the ladies just love him so his Twitter feed. It has blown up 20000. Twitter followers are like a matter of you say you -- to even women -- proposing giving him on Twitter saying. I know you've been busy but when you -- me read something on Mars it's the injured. And because so we are very subtle -- you know what road I. Let that mobile message -- to -- his rover on my red planet anytime so -- I'm rather -- -- -- the girlfriends of ladies relax for the two years yankees committed committed. And it makes you like and even went out of resignation. -- like it hit me articulate and Mario wants him again. And -- took about beer sales worldwide. Rising for the 27 consecutive year in your beer can -- -- can't quite get this for the -- you're running China showed the greatest Thursday alcohol drinks I don't I. -- US second -- is preserved pork is -- good they need another gold to catch up with us now. -- right here on controversial Newsweek magazine cover all about the best restaurants in the world but apparently using this image. Now the magazine is more drawn the ire of some people as food court and aren't. Bigger question is why your piece -- so badly afterwards.

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{"id":16965165,"title":"Louisiana School Pregnancy Test Policy","duration":"3:00","description":"A school forced students to take a pregnancy test, and refusals or positive results cause expulsion.","url":"/WNN/video/louisiana-school-pregnancy-test-policy-16965165","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}