'Man Boobs' Increase in Men

Up to 40 percent of men have larger chests due to hormones and obesity.
2:55 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for 'Man Boobs' Increase in Men
And now it's time for the mix get this another pair online. Story. That he -- their lives. -- else this time is the offender. Dave Schneider he's a musician he had a classic in 1965. Give sit DS 335. Guitar on board. He wanted to bring on board his flight from Buffalo, New York to Detroit -- guess what -- -- -- -- I'm sorry you can't bring it you've got to check it. He doesn't wanna check it even offers to buy its -- Florida guitar they decline he lands. His Qatar is totally squashed. -- yeah and licking his guitars and 101000 dollar our rules and sustain all his damaged and doesn't check sent him a thousand dollar. Check apparently they're worried -- -- the strings of the guitar could be used as a weapon which seems a little crazy too long for the paper another -- that the maverick is it Telecom all night going -- Whatever reason you hate the airlines also -- classics like an episode of the rovers the -- -- -- the man boobs look really is a new numbers out on this. -- that bad moves excessive development of male breast law into effect 14%. Of men. The number of men move operations to reduce what you got going on top has doubled in the last five years and the condition can be triggered by obesity hormone problems and medication here fact. I'll cosmetic surgery for at least some studies that -- 20% increase in bad move operations in the past year outlining and the man -- operation. I mean Hispanics you feel better you know you don't want to have man proves it's fun yes those that would get to second -- which -- yeah okay so you do you're taking care. Also heard that wealth I had heating -- fatty diet could reduce a man's sperm count by. 40%. That's right to Danish study Danish researchers found men -- ate the most saturated fat. Significantly lower sperm counts and home -- quality -- Cool. Okay then no more burgers no more on that stuff up if you wanna have you know healthy. Kids -- move so one half -- could jeopardize another. -- That's a rough story that I want him to that -- himself would set me up for that -- most fascinating today is the 45 anniversary of voted the release of Otis Redding is big here. Sitting on the dock of the bay released January 8 1968. The single reason number one on billboard's pop -- back in march of 68. Stay there for four weeks. He got two grammys and -- -- been inducted to the Grammy hall of failing to check in 1990 -- that Google does himself never heard this thing going to simmer 106718. Days after the recording session. He died in the plane crash at age 26 and told everyone on board except the trumpeter and his band show -- and -- Notice we all still love this.

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{"id":18158934,"title":"'Man Boobs' Increase in Men","duration":"2:55","description":"Up to 40 percent of men have larger chests due to hormones and obesity.","url":"/WNN/video/man-boobs-increase-men-18158934","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}