Man Finds Lost iPad at Flight Attendant's Home

A Nevada man used an app to track his stolen iPad to the Oregon home of a flight attendant.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Transcript for Man Finds Lost iPad at Flight Attendant's Home
Now it's time for the next. Thank you mr. -- yeah it's time for the next and god I want to tell you about this first story. That. The I think the moral of it is if you own an iPad. -- you need to download this app called find my iPad because this guy was on a flight. In Nevada and he losses iPad turns out. The flight attendant know about it. The flight attendants true flying at -- this -- OK so it's like he was missing for a couple of days -- -- this application sure enough Nadia found it. And I post an organ. At first she denied it. She said oh yeah I found that I brought it home I was going to return it haven't touched it sure enough cops. Went on to big laptop -- rather excuse me the tablet and they found. Information that she had already put in there about her husband's birthday -- -- anyway. She is behind bars on. 121500. Dollars bail you probably charge to get it back to -- airlines charge for everything right they do. Ask for the airlines Alaska Airlines which -- adds that small carrier when she was up on work for. They've suspended her pending in. Just wish I would imagine OK but that your Dilbert edition that the next decade first and foremost this LA based community blog. Good that is has revealed that jailhouse cuisine is healthier. -- the cuisine that your kids eat at cafeteria basically identical but here's the difference. They get a greater serving -- jail -- fruits and vegetables. And students are also visit out of essential vitamins and minerals because they're just -- half a cup of fruit or vegetables right here that the prisoners they get. -- half cup plus a piece of fruit and get this the money spent eleven billion for school food. Programs. Well the federal budget -- -- -- night it was 205 million so obviously their dollar is going to of the -- -- -- The prison being this increase in in west of the Westchester county jail eleven inmates are suing for 500 million dollars because. They have been denied access to dental -- of course. Those at bay prisoner -- could be strangulation hazard but they're saying that they brush three times a day but they can't -- so they're getting cavities. And gum infections -- hospital must meet our -- -- But yes -- -- included -- -- -- bleeding gums cuts and dental work for temporary fillings and mental anguish so it's certainly. Well this story is do we have to do. Get arrested get -- in -- Yet -- last -- me. And -- finally from the Dallas morning news we actually have some pictures which you may find cute at first -- of -- hitting the cat who is. Not so -- he's actually -- young one. -- -- -- -- 41. That's point five pounds larger than the average and a half a dozen pounds shy of the fattest cat on record. Five year old cat that's a five year old orange tabby is also known as Garfield because. Well it's obvious -- the --

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{"id":17307698,"title":"Man Finds Lost iPad at Flight Attendant's Home","duration":"3:00","description":"A Nevada man used an app to track his stolen iPad to the Oregon home of a flight attendant.","url":"/WNN/video/man-finds-lost-ipad-flight-attendants-home-17307698","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}