Mars, Sikh Shooting and the News of the Week

Curiosity Rover, Political Barbs and Elton John's Madonna comments made up the weeks' headlines.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Mars, Sikh Shooting and the News of the Week
Straight success for NASA to violence that stunned the world to gunshots to political potshots you'll remember all on our Friday -- Isn't that big trip to do -- but -- But rejected -- Minnesota's save lives. -- -- would -- disputed that but evidently he first really appeared on the white supremacist -- way back in 2000. When he started to play in a number of very well known. Like. -- music. And in cedar trees looked like dynamite normal being these scary after a lot of people -- won't. -- -- -- -- -- Adam -- really curiosity. Allows us really you know any kind reach out and touch the surface of another meaning there is something uniquely. Americans about what it takes put a rover like this. At Mars it's like Robin Hood in reverse. Romney -- Is out of excuses. And Illinois needs to help me make sure that in November we put him out of office. Pavement don't want to have any common sense should -- lot of red -- -- away -- -- -- stuff did you lose it and say grant street. And I met and started out from 300 -- of the private papers in the -- time. And I say any kind of advised him around as president but he's instead of -- them instead on the tried it. -- it's just time to move on something else. 320 years -- had a black on the bottom of bullets along time. I've always wanted to gold medal in singles and then have an opportunity to win it and to have something you really want to you worked for is so worth it. Imagine waking in the morning and cover yourself I mean I actually know Merrill street. And cartman. And nobody at my house is so thrilled about it. Loves they would love love narrow street -- -- saying earlier we're talking about this any movie she's and you go right out. Yeah and and she's got a new movie coming up hope springs Tennessee had Tommy Lee Jones and you can go along with that what you're -- Gonna go bombed out the other the Olympics closing the ceremonies are on Sunday -- explained. So I guess I was sent -- but the great closing ceremonies going to be amazing -- I was there -- everything resolutely self help John George Michael just some of the names it's not gonna be amazing to me do that -- -- just under the -- tell -- my prediction.

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{"id":16975430,"title":"Mars, Sikh Shooting and the News of the Week","duration":"3:00","description":"Curiosity Rover, Political Barbs and Elton John's Madonna comments made up the weeks' headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/mars-sikh-shooting-news-week-16975430","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}