Mayor Caught Reading and Driving

Toronto's mayor is photographed reading while driving.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Mayor Caught Reading and Driving
Time now for the next you know and that's what's Texan -- and -- was himself on a -- That's what do you make up and drive over Toronto mayor -- a little explaining to do mayor rob word what -- he was probably. Reading during his commute Tuesday you go to work yes apparently he's responding to a photo that was posted on Twitter where he is reading the newspaper -- -- -- No access Toronto mayor rob Ford he's driving on an expressway at this point estimated forty miles an hours as they try to get just might work I keep my eyes on the road but I'm busy man -- he can't really -- -- -- -- that this apparently. According to police it's like holding a cup of coffee or sandwich so. Police say they frown upon it but. Video on the highway. Since he was going -- in the newspaper about 455565. -- forty miles an hour at least. Yeah not a good idea yeah I won't feel so bad when I put my mascara and extend. -- that I do it and stuff like okay. A case so you ultimately it is when you go to a restaurant you look at the table like she was literally everybody is texting tonight for their best mark in the nineteen -- -- an LA restaurant the name of the restaurant is Eva. Restaurant I'm Beverly boulevard and -- now. Do you -- in diners 5% discount. If they turn in their -- may come into the restaurant -- they're hot and likely will 5% off the veil of we're doing that radio station KPCC is reporting -- about half the patrons have taken them up on the offer. They -- basically keep distracted dining to a minimum a full -- of dining out and it going out is ruining our media constellation you -- -- -- people. Tweet pictures and they're a layer -- -- -- to cross the main duty not to lose your phone or look at your picture that you would he -- -- That's my data security and blurted out some I love this story there's a list by the -- British newspapers you tell everybody it's gonna get -- Maria. Religious thing they put -- the most embarrassing places in Britain to live list because of the names and topping that list. Just put the graphic -- -- got cursing I am not cursing folks the number one most embarrassing place to live in the UK is sugar to -- endorse it. Gotta love that. Stop laughing Paula other good ones saying -- balls and -- -- Hampshire Pratt's bottom and can't ignore it it'll. Which is in. Looking -- noticed how did she didn't get its name -- -- one theory is that it simply means the village on the street that is used as an open sewer but there's another there's a top ten most embarrassing. You can't get some good ones take a -- -- bottom scratchy brought a broken window like that cracks down perhaps the golden balls and -- that. -- -- Crackpot. Next night. Great snoring. And happy bottom fifth got to own it and here's the US everybody. If you live in Tulsa Arkansas how hot climaxed your desk for a -- -- again. We -- -- that's good stuff up.

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{"id":17017174,"title":"Mayor Caught Reading and Driving","duration":"3:00","description":"Toronto's mayor is photographed reading while driving.","url":"/WNN/video/mayor-caught-reading-driving-17017174","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}