Mideast Violence, Convention Bumps and the News of the Week

An Ambassador's murder, iPhone 5 and Chicago Teachers strike made up the week's headlines.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Mideast Violence, Convention Bumps and the News of the Week
-- an unforgettable day in history to an unimaginable eruption of violence there's also political fireworks and a splashy high tech product line to tell -- our Friday reliant. Today we only have about a 6% of people that are truly swing and truly persuade able if you can't -- Barack Obama with this record. Then shut down the party. Shut it down -- -- good start no good -- new people he risked his life to stop tyrants. Then gave his life. Trying to help build a better. For their service I want to assure you we will bring back -- just. American leadership as necessary to ensure that events in the region notes that a country. All I think that. Everybody wants to remember nine elevenths. But we need to have a privacy to the first responders. Who was there for us we're now gonna be there for them we're gonna compensate them more than help provide treatment we are fighting -- -- -- pepper hair cut. -- how dear you guys stop school. Insects how did you do -- to -- children what are you thinking about not about them. Immediately well. Did not hear. FaceBook has not been in on controversial company. Spread so it's not like this is the first up and down that we've ever had been it will be -- hit so many people are on apple bandwagon right now. You have -- why me. Moments did not professionally that thought has crossed my mind but I don't really intended -- along those -- her column. You know it happened anyway I've lost enough weight drags him pat myself on the back I think Bob -- -- -- and. Kitty about a nice stadium absolutely her ratings were great -- the Pope arrives in Beirut for toward the Middle East great timing right about. -- let me fun yeah imagine arriving today apprentices are expected to greet him of course and if you're a fan of the USA today he'd like to get your fingers or do you still like to me and that's really teach at least -- -- their first. -- do you make over and thirty years -- first degree designed so for that. And we want you to tell us why you're at this hour -- your -- show went wire watching he's the hash tag WNN and thanks to last.

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{"id":17233511,"title":"Mideast Violence, Convention Bumps and the News of the Week","duration":"3:00","description":"An Ambassador's murder, iPhone 5 and Chicago Teachers strike made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/mideast-violence-convention-bumps-news-week-17233511","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}