Millions of Americans Prepare for More Winter Storms

More than thirty states are under winter watches or warnings from the Midwest to the Northeast.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Millions of Americans Prepare for More Winter Storms
America's -- Good Tuesday morning everyone I'm John -- and I'm -- Gonzales in for Diana Perez. We begin with a wave of winter weather sweeping across the country. Well one buried the northeast and several inches of snow stranding thousands of travelers. And this is just the beginning 160. Million people are in the half of two more storms. It is a -- and get him from the. Midwest to the northeast this morning half of the country is preparing for a week of snow ice and rain right now 25 states -- -- winter watches or warnings. But some are taking the snow masses in stride of like this shopkeeper in Strasburg Pennsylvania. Makes -- sales and clothing sales are really good. Gloves have been good at to being good hand -- -- everything. Snow is piling up in Connecticut where people -- get creative to stay warm and dry and this works because his wit who used to go. What -- matter what you we're just gonna get -- Clearing snow is not for everybody. Got to do it even New York's mayor I have civil twice this morning already because it came on so quickly. Today over 1000 flights have already been canceled across the country the bulk of them at the Philadelphia and Newark and New York LaGuardia airports. And the Super Bowl -- it -- turned into a traveling nightmare for fans trying to get back home. For another canceling every hour Simon and -- it up with the wedding day so that I call this morning at an earlier tonight. And then -- got delayed -- activating its delayed again. All right so that was round one of the winter weather around two. -- forming right now and for the very latest on that what's in store returned to AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Dickey Jim. Good morning John and Marcy are stormy week continues she was storm winter storm to. Of three it's already forming up -- cross the Mississippi Valley going to street north and eastward -- through Wednesday but the snow. That's beginning already do these early morning hours across the plains of outraged Iraqis so spreading -- -- -- -- -- this -- today. They'll be across eastern Kansas into central and northern Missouri -- onto the Ohio valley. Kansas City by the time the sun -- Wednesday morning likely six to twelve inches of snow and from there -- -- heads into the northeast of England. Bring -- fresh for us in many locations northern PA on the portions of New England get six to twelve inches here too. Another storm that rules in this weekend hitting many missing regions and disinfect looks to be the strongest of the box again -- -- week -- -- Marcy. Back to you.

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{"id":22355971,"title":"Millions of Americans Prepare for More Winter Storms","duration":"3:00","description":"More than thirty states are under winter watches or warnings from the Midwest to the Northeast.","url":"/WNN/video/millions-americans-prepare-winter-storms-22355971","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}