Insomniac Kitchen: National Grilled Cheese Day

ABC News' Diana Perez finds the best grilled cheese in New York.
3:40 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: National Grilled Cheese Day
I've been waiting for this story patiently all week from the insomniac kitchen today is national -- she's -- in my co -- Diana Perez. What out and found the best grilled cheese sandwich is in New York. Get not only did she find it -- so nice she's showing us how to may get and that is why this is out our. Favorite story of the day let's take a listen to Diana's cheesy. Report. It's national grilled -- and we are taking to the very best spot to get the very best grill cheese in the entire world check it out. Did not stop her New York. I don't know how we get started here today were making award winner and what's on the sandwich we we make it on -- -- to just one the other big cheesy event. For this so. Where it was considered the -- because -- in the city. So we're gonna do are now gonna take guns and sourdough bread that's big -- -- -- their local bakery. Com and we have our -- -- road here. -- -- -- and two pieces of bread. Then we're gonna open up on current -- -- now gonna take about three ounces cheddar cheese. And and spread it out evenly on sandwich. The right here we have all day correct and -- -- so we we take -- spread the and -- gonna take three piece of big Jim. I think it makes everything better they can makes everything better and right now. This is apple would -- they can we choose and pick up bacon and goes really well we have the jam on the hands against smoking -- of the jam. The sultan this from the spread -- other strategies and really comes together alone so we're gonna take the sandwich and put -- right on our press here. -- We're -- close this guy. Lara Spencer announced today that grilled cheese and so now. We our cranberry onion -- Which is home made. You know you get. The sweetness. From the cranberries and you know -- -- city -- remembers it well that's our award winning -- he's. Let's see all is promising that you've been making all morning I'm -- out. -- absolutely nothing -- Happy grilled -- state indeed. -- -- okay this isn't -- shops award winning sandwich -- features aged cheddar Wisconsin breaks bread cranberry onion chutney. And thick cut bait get on live gain local red container -- -- talks. Love top for the could have left tots all -- got this -- office. Totally awesome thank you -- and -- Jason Allen appeared in the early nineteen -- what -- It was originally started just one slice of bread and grilled cheese on top the second he's represented in the 1960s and -- I am bootleggers what do you can't hope to the other things not just felt she is McCall's toasted she -- -- -- -- Other names include cheese toasty. Replicate kind of -- I've actually cause she's seen the. Madame and give him crashing down -- like the French group she's within an untapped abdominal -- today and is than ever caught a lot. Diana breaths coming through the grilled -- -- -- the tomato soup. I don't see me out and was never did remind -- Italy today and -- -- kitchen.

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{"id":18938362,"title":"Insomniac Kitchen: National Grilled Cheese Day","duration":"3:40","description":"ABC News' Diana Perez finds the best grilled cheese in New York.","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-national-grilled-cheese-day-18938362","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}