Nelson Mandela Sporty Fashion Line

From human rights activist, to prisoner, to president - Nelson Mandela continues to inspire.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela Sporty Fashion Line
From human rights activists to prisoner to president at age ninety -- Nelson Mandela continues to inspire though he's retired from public life his family is continuing his legacy in a way you might not expect ABC's bossy Connie is in South Africa. The -- catching display at the retail launch of the sporting new clothing line is reunion. Four generations of Mandela's with a new family business. Building a brand around the revered leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Who is now and 94 year old great grandpa. What was his reaction -- -- -- big news Phoenix. Nothing it. Nelson Mandela's granddaughters is on Seaway and sliding designs clothing line being launched -- glamorous high end mall in South Africa. But these garments are intentionally is simple affordable. We've just she says every day president -- to chance. We wanted to be accessible to hockey. People walk of life when they named the grand after Mandela's autobiography. Long walk to freedom. The story of his struggle to end. The vicious racist system of apartheid and to -- nation after spending decades in prison captured the world's attention. Although Mandela still receives high profile visitors like Hillary Clinton at his home just last week he is retired from public life. It's now his family including ex wife Winnie Mandela and current wife -- Michelle. Who are working together to further his ideals they say the international sale of thirty dollar T shirts sweat shirts and -- Is just one way -- A fun way to continue -- peace makers legacy. But when people. Put this sign when I put us on what is that you want -- to be thinking about. Why shouldn't think you know an inspiration hours at being freedom on what it means -- -- -- -- Paying -- forward. The Mandela family says this is just the beginning of the brand children's clothes are coming possibly -- It's available for sale online now in the US and expected at retail stores there. Early next year. For world news now classic Johnny ABC news Johannesburg. I mean I appreciate that man stands for expression living legend may be over you sometimes -- -- That is -- his family says that he Israelis had a couple of health scares over the last couple of years but. One thing that he hasn't given up on -- Read in the newspapers on a daily basis and just didn't really enjoys and the colonies and just their Mandela -- when people visiting him at his home and they do -- photo -- and such and that's that's the sort of keep up with him access -- public speaking anymore because it's. He's 94. He has retired to his home it's good for him yes what a career --

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{"id":16993152,"title":"Nelson Mandela Sporty Fashion Line","duration":"3:00","description":"From human rights activist, to prisoner, to president - Nelson Mandela continues to inspire.","url":"/WNN/video/nelson-mandela-sporty-fashion-line-16993152","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}