NFL Game Highlights, Look Towards Thanksgiving Week

ABC News contributor Jason Page stops by to recap Sunday football.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Game Highlights, Look Towards Thanksgiving Week
Welcome back everybody it is NFL week eleven -- -- the conference races are close to being -- joining me -- to talk some football sports the radio. Personality. Jason -- I am thankful harmlessly of their very much of the Q do you have a good personality and we'll add that it is Thanksgiving week I am thankful that we look like a cornucopia. Purple. Totally -- and at night. You look like an -- you know what if you. Bet that the seats -- be five and five after an oh four start. You might have and the Joker but that's -- reason Saint Regis stayed the course and look look where they are now mental toughness mental. Toughness starting to -- get some players back. And another example of a perfect matchup for them in the Oakland Raiders -- given up more point that there are correct arguably more points in anybody's ever given up. In the history of football today mankind action today not a very good day and Carson Palmer -- -- an interception about Malcolm Jenkins. -- -- all the way back to the house and that was just the start of things get that makes it fourteen to nothing. -- -- -- And while the -- they just don't look back Lance Moore one of -- Drew Brees touchdown passes on this day. And again when you look at the NFC -- -- being here right now. There's no reasonably perceived can't make the playoffs and they've really get -- control that we don't know mr. I believe isn't that a couple weeks ago we've got -- record. Far right OK so the cardinals and falcons I mean that Ryan literally tried to give this game away. Five interceptions but no appetite and his first quarterback units and Bart -- back in the late sixties but literally couldn't even give it gave way and yet they somehow. Hung on. Can be doesn't -- -- -- this every week filling the falcons adults they can ease their I don't know united I don't want that easily be six important. It wouldn't surprise me at all today another perfect -- -- -- Couple these are honest elections not every one of these interceptions on -- -- -- starts at their cap -- -- yet but it got it's easy to pick apart I'm Matt Ryan but again. People look at everybody in this game. That bear some responsibility and the one of the most amazing collegial ever seen from the cardinals -- it's like something you've seen basketball and that -- to save a bubble -- -- now. -- example of it still a -- wanted to cardinals right now remember just six weeks ago except. Don't we talk about art -- still only half. And -- -- let me which of the former teams -- -- wasn't legit. We send them. Send the cardinals -- point six now they're really not very good how he's not really into it I mean -- -- the browns are beating them into the third quarter scoreless the cowboys had to take a late game field -- for the senate in overtime. And then they barely got -- -- cowboys can play four quarters of football that's the problem solid couple weeks millions of guns. Terrible the first half my play this game terrible the first up then they come back played great in the second half yet again and then what do you get. When we needed. And they've lost a lot of close games this year Dan -- -- in overtime the field -- when -- 38 yards cowboys defining fight breathing down the backs of the time so. A colts patriots patriots -- not violated the colts. -- -- yesterday and probably the most complete game I -- Everyone wants to say Tom Brady and Andrew Luck -- has that Tom Brady Peyton yet it has primary not quite yet good experience number in selecting -- couple touchdown passes. -- also get picked off in this game. And the patriots at the end of the day just too good Tom Brady. Three touchdown passes the did you get the sense that the patients kind of enjoyed running up the score a little that's something fifteen. The 59 points more. And they still -- all their starters in the game. Deep into this game despite the fact they work comfortably in front got a question why he did that got the jets on Thursday night flight -- -- -- speaking -- Thursday night that we got three games while we can take and during our stupor of -- -- -- -- Washington Dallas never knowingly -- Andrea. I'm taking Texans -- to -- the Redskins. And I -- patriots and I'll take that Texans and cowboys gotta go -- the -- going with the visitors JT yes. -- -- yes Jason -- media -- easy for radio sports personality. Let's take and to some that's imagines it did everything really only everybody's thankful that you're -- look like back.

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{"id":17759326,"title":"NFL Game Highlights, Look Towards Thanksgiving Week","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News contributor Jason Page stops by to recap Sunday football.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-game-highlights-thanksgiving-week-17759326","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}