NFL Recap: Giants Dominate, Patriots Lose Lead

Jason Page of ESPN Radio and Paula Faris review Week 6 of NFL play.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Recap: Giants Dominate, Patriots Lose Lead
Welcome back everybody are you receivers in football here to talk about the highs the lows in the insanity of the week six is our friend and partner Jason page ESPN radio New York. I have no idea what the heck is going -- get NFL I think we've all -- But we do know one thing -- Victor Cruz says the giants are here to -- after that smack down at the putt on the niners in differences. Now they are here to stay and if somebody -- soldier after the first six games of the schedule they have on tap the union for the giants -- foreign -- -- be thrilled. Antrel Rolle called it the most complete performance of the season he wasn't kidding they intercept Alex met three times in this game. It quarterback rating ever talked -- quarterback rating in the NFL right right most overrated stat in football telecasts Alex Smith -- the -- QB rating coming into today. Threw three interceptions didn't look anything like the quarterback -- portrayed him to be so far this year. Big loss for the 49ers -- team sport until Ahmad Bradshaw rushes for over a hundred yards. First I didn't do that in San Francisco since 2009. -- -- you don't run the football against the 49 -- giants did it to them. But they definitely. I would say crush them this is a great NFC championship rematch from last season so here we are. -- six talking about a three and three patriots he may have a nice solid. That's what seemed like today in formidable lead over Seattle and Nancy -- somehow came back -- that come back. What you want -- 23 to ten going nine minutes left in the fourth Greene gets 4310 game it's the -- rookie quarterback finished up about Angela we've talked about Robert Griffin the third. Gotta talk about Russell Wilson. He's got Seattle it forward to this year along with the 49ers -- told you after week 614 -- but we're not -- Crazy about yeah you're crazy to -- so -- wearing purple yes the -- my two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter for Russell Wilson in this game. Hello against the patriots and let's start having that conversation again -- the patriots are for entry. Is this the end of the village in Tom Brady run we get this conversation every fact of the -- -- they're still -- with the jets. -- -- The peso cowboys. Put up about 500 yards of -- and still I know I don't think -- Lawson north Manhattan -- come and gone but still lost that game 3120 -- couldn't believe battle -- 500 yards it was like Herman Edwards was doing the -- management of the cowboys at the end of this game. Terribly -- did -- get a touchdown late. They miss the two point conversion. Then -- get the onside kick. How many times -- psychics -- successful that Austin's cowboys able to get the onside kick you see it there. They get into the -- they get the football to set -- -- -- field goal attempts. Fifty plus yards given opportunity to win the game they mismanaged the final 25 seconds in this game they could've gotten me closer for this field goal attempt. Instead it -- -- just a little. Dallas -- two with three now. And it's -- to talk all the water coolers and Sports Radio. The Dallas area all around the country is what's wrong with the cowboys right now to -- -- -- you tell me right now giants. Giants. But -- falcons giant -- didn't. There's two teams played each other today you take the giants every time I would actually take the pastrami sandwich. Coming up next week week -- and we got instantly got a few good -- Seattle and San Francisco both formative. Don't added that NFC west best division -- football against the jets when the last of me said that Adam and saint louis' Adam hadn't had a pretty good start Baltimore Houston. I didn't want to get to -- on teams squared off. This could be the year and I -- -- this since we started bill and that's that the ravens could be a Super Bowl team I love the way Joseph Flacco is plan that's another game and get the jets and patriots. Jets and patriots former inventory as bad as the jets event. Here they are going to -- -- seventh with an opportunity to seize control them occasionally could've sunk. We are pretty I would on -- bank. Let's dig and he's takes a page at -- -- he raking in the cash and while it is now an -- -- edition is coming up after that stay with us. Now -- -- -- this when his mind what I like -- and I. -- --

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{"id":17479611,"title":"NFL Recap: Giants Dominate, Patriots Lose Lead","duration":"3:00","description":"Jason Page of ESPN Radio and Paula Faris review Week 6 of NFL play.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-recap-giants-dominate-patriots-lose-lead-17479611","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}