NFL Week in Review

Radio host Jason Page recaps last week's football games.
4:12 | 01/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Week in Review
-- big boys in the league are falling as the NFL playoff brackets begin to shape up the divisional matchups are now said. And here to talk about who's moving forward and whose season is over our Sports Radio host Jason -- -- -- they've had a long day thank you for. Gators are we appreciate have a lot to get too great weekend of football and let's start with the ravens and the colts gave -- for. -- let's talk about what happens in a look back -- yesterday and look everybody was open Andrew Luck. It's tough for -- story would continue but at the same time you have the Ray Lewis story which a lot of people we're talking about a mile and a game of an emotional game fumble -- and -- we got to forget. Was on this ravens took two steps to carry out so obviously high emotions here. Give the ravens a lot of credit this game Joseph Flacco played outstanding. -- Anquan Boldin was the receiver they brought in here and I a couple of years ago to be that big time receiving threat. For Joseph Flacco stepped up huge today -- 140 plus yards receiving had a touchdown as well. Flacco Flacco played well enough they overcome to -- -- fumbles -- and able to hold on to beat the colts. -- of the problem back again. Yet to believe the Ray Lewis is given that the real respect is giving him an emotional freedom because he was -- Buyer yesterday -- -- red -- background you must get a big way at thirteen tackles in the game. I'd forgotten what 37 years old seventeen years believe he's got a -- -- no matter what happens yeah spending at least daily bulls -- a winning up. Absolutely they're from the beginning yeah they crowd loved you could tell yesterday all right moving on now. Redskins and Seahawks RG three lot of folks but little social media shooting a beautiful because he -- -- -- Well he got pulled eventually but it'll sell for in the game -- candidate -- all boils down to Mike Shanahan who can't play calling. Charitable five times in this game he -- charitable. He -- -- pocket passer. I know -- similar horrible one dimensional team but -- -- three risking himself that way. We may find out later today -- be torn ACL. An MRI done. He's ready for training camp next year at this point nobody knows the severity of the injury at the -- -- -- they were -- Seattle anyway and I -- gone on record and say this Seattle's coming out the end of senior don't of the simple really bold prediction -- -- yes I. Football -- the most well balanced team they're not the best human any one particular area. Here who did everything they're balanced and Russell Wilson. It should be rookie of the year -- -- tidal movement of Paul's favorite team that dangles from the earlier -- game -- -- -- -- you at Cincinnati and and Houston from the games on Saturday. And look Cincinnati just didn't look like they belonged on the field in this game the play calling was the jurors just from -- -- -- the offensive coordinator. And the Texans who came into the postseason stuff. -- -- -- -- -- That first for the season win cutting get him comfortable get relaxed fact that matters this. New England they lost like 28 they're -- In New England just a few weeks ago. I have no expectation of them going into New England unbeaten patriots this time picking -- a blog will be the war yes. And three games this weekend forty even remotely interesting and wild card weekend and you can see that the playoffs when all the games to -- -- to himself and by the way. If Roger Goodell is having an -- expanding the playoffs he's talked about having more wild card teams. Here's what message don't -- tiger tiger I love football I really head to head finally vikings game gets and Edgar you know what you're talking about. Particular again back yeah Joseph -- fills in for Christian Ponder who -- -- get hurt before the game not able to play. Really practice all week Joseph -- gets -- you just feel so bad for so overmatched first time in NFL history guy who never -- fast during the regular season. Gets into a playoff games it is the starting quarterback. General quick of course we can't ignore the big game coming up tonight which -- -- For the national title talk and Alabama or the Irish Notre Dame twenty to sixteen then you -- you heard it here first -- Jason dialogue de Dexter Payne had bad. We'll be back again thanks again to Sports Radio host Jason -- -- that would. More world news now right after this is easy chicken wings -- --

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{"id":18151100,"title":"NFL Week in Review","duration":"4:12","description":"Radio host Jason Page recaps last week's football games.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-week-review-18151100","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}