Obama, With Newtown Families, Demands Gun Control Vote

President Obama made an impassioned and urgent plea for stricter gun laws.
2:08 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Obama, With Newtown Families, Demands Gun Control Vote
President Obama return in the White House after an emotional trip to Connecticut with him on board Air Force One twelve -- -- Lost loved ones in Newtown shooting they have come to Washington to meet with lawmakers who flew back to New York. To get new gun control measures ABC's Taina Hernandez explains what's at state good morning time. The president spoke at the University of Hartford just fifteen miles from new town Connecticut a reference he made over and over again in his speech. -- enthusiastic crowd President Obama evoked the dark days following the new town massacre framing gun control not -- a legal issue but a moral obligation and new town. We want you to know. That -- here with -- -- we will not walk away from the promises made. And. Even before the president reached the podium signs of a bumpy road ahead. On Capitol Hill senate majority leader Harry Reid announced he received a letter from thirteen Republicans. -- -- a filibuster on any measure curbing guns to bill currently before the senate would expand background checks for gun purchases. At tougher penalties for gun trafficking. And more money for school safety measures some Republicans say simply would not work. Even if you ahead all your the universal background check. Bad guys are gonna get guns and is not gonna solve the problem and the schools in Connecticut president walking a fine line. Existing gun control is not about politics. Trying to drum up political pressure -- as soon as this wait. Congress will begin debating these common sense proposals to reduce gun violence but much of congress but only act if they hear from you. The American people. Congress will also hear directly from -- family several of them flew back with the president on Air Force One to Washington to continue the lobbying effort. As it intensifies on both sides.

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{"id":18911783,"title":"Obama, With Newtown Families, Demands Gun Control Vote","duration":"2:08","description":"President Obama made an impassioned and urgent plea for stricter gun laws.","url":"/WNN/video/obama-newtown-families-demands-gun-control-vote-18911783","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}