The Official Obama Holiday Card Is Unveiled

Over 1.6 million Americans are on the Obama holiday card list.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for The Official Obama Holiday Card Is Unveiled
Tonight 'tis the season did you get a Christmas card -- holiday card this year from the president. Did you father yes you bet you do every year you're lucky traveler -- let -- apparently one point six million Americans get one so attack -- more common -- you think. -- may -- I don't know if you haven't in a donor or something that you get on the list. Just there intimate friends and -- anyway I think there is -- card and if you want it. When we are not fuel up off the list you can get -- -- 175. Bucks on each day. People can cut cards -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they are selling at least -- eBay auctions of all the discard this week the Democratic National Committee reportedly paid out. For a whopping one point six million these cards to go out to people. It features an elaborate pop up white house conference from -- and sunny. And then of course signatures from the whole family simply -- 175 bucks if anybody from the White House is listening can we get a card we comes -- showed off. -- -- Yeah each day we walked by the way the way -- Sell on eBay 175 -- not a whole lot of money which leads me to believe that there are a lot more of them online lenders demand for -- I -- that makes me sad and you know we know -- lot -- -- -- -- -- out so Detroit the motor city has been turned into a skeet kind of destination. Yes and now this is obviously not -- just kind of -- because he has that ongoing it out of Colorado or something this is by. It's a movie called tracing skyline made by poor boyz productions and rebel media house and apparently they had to go around the world and the east -- -- Tough to ski terrain that they decided now that -- -- didn't. Churches and schools and factories in the motor city is like the next. Place that they want and do there it's not like a -- seen boarding -- skiing means that he had jumped from roof to roof right Paula I think again it's extreme -- yeah experience so you don't wanna do this at home obviously the very happy -- it'll be interesting to see what it is that. -- -- -- -- Middleman and all right we got Kate tossed an epic -- Kate Moss courtesy of a viral video -- Washington uptight about Latin conceding yet. -- -- You mean I knew to had to be -- not old. Yeah all of you know now I don't I -- -- other than that there. They wanted everybody -- -- was not gonna stop them getting your hands on the flowers no matter what there are all now. -- -- now there's just no reason to do that kind of thing not -- okay. Wow that her dress Israelis probably got a broken nose and she had seen unless he got re not your finger it doesn't really need and -- want to see the after shot one. Look like when she came back and did -- have a look at I. -- the question the issue really going to be the -- to get married. -- --

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{"id":21173296,"title":"The Official Obama Holiday Card Is Unveiled","duration":"3:00","description":"Over 1.6 million Americans are on the Obama holiday card list.","url":"/WNN/video/official-obama-holiday-card-unveiled-21173296","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}