Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the Oscars

A full fashion recap from Sunday night's show.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Transcript for Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the Oscars
All right -- very special Oscar edition of the skinny this morning first the big award winners last night. Twelve years slate won best picture as expected Disney's frozen won best animated film also as expected it also passed one billion dollars in ticket sales this weekend. Best actor Matthew McConaughey Kate for his performance and talent buyers club that was your -- yeah -- actress Kate planned -- again you're paying for her role in Woody Allen Bentley. Jasmine. Best supporting actor went to Jared -- -- for Dallas buyers club and supporting actress went to the Peta younger she was just wonderful speech looked terrific race. But all the movies of course -- the stars of the show that is the -- gets a lot of people talking all right so little more at bats and joining us. Look at some of the red carpet winner of -- that there is -- great Drake senior editor at rotten tomatoes -- and so much for joining us. High great let's get go on one of the most says stunning gowns -- today a stunning woman to pull off here we go. Get the -- in -- -- in this ice blue product -- plunges but in the front. And that she looked gorgeous is she said that she helped -- -- after trying to -- it up. That pentagon. Put our -- what she's Smart and she's classy and I miss -- product so much. Yes it all agreed on nine great at stabbing a patent all right Sandra Bullock actually she was my favorite tonight and I think we'll be it was number two but I thought suitable with a -- about it and I don't -- who was now legitimate we have reckless deep blue Alexander. Cleaned out and she did look beautiful. Deep blue just like space. -- paying you next and I like. All right let's go to Jennifer Lawrence once again the girl on fire and Sheila amazing -- more indirect down from -- which. She looks great even when she's falling down. Chicken right. -- this year but yeah I thought she looks so classy and a special special person that can Wear -- that almost matches the red carpet is still stand out. No doubt -- -- off. Kate plan jet big winner she went for our money what -- -- satellite can't cabinet usual color apparently huge -- hearings but. But this was -- as well yes. -- I didn't think there were many missteps on the red carpet and paint plant checked out for anybody that has seen the late and great Harold -- mrs. ghostbusters movie. Does anybody remember goes there at the end of the movie who shows up at the demon and this is what Cate Blanchett look like Google -- people think. She was a sexy goes there I'm Kelly you know wow -- -- felt like it gets caught up -- Let's talk Kerry Washington she's pregnant and she looked amazing as well really I thought so I think I completely agree she has at least fitting Jason blue dress in -- I just just so flattering on her I think that the color of the dress really saved it -- I -- I thought it would likely be a little shapeless even for a woman loses pregnant -- Kerry Washington. However that color and then just that one Diamond Bar. Great boot it and that that made the whole look just. Elevate love this -- you can get some off the hook if you go in there her community think it's double pressure. I think that you it is so much harder for -- to find something that works yet people are twice as kind to him. As they should be -- -- got Angelina Jolie Aniston she's wearing there. And -- sat down that featured issue spotted him in leather belt that the dress. And Angelina really -- hammered. I think -- I think she could look a little sexier you know I mean little tighter little more form fitting. I actually think that she looked away hotter recently I think it was -- the fact is when she wore a black tux. Just like Bradley saying blue shoe that ends and a -- this -- thought was fine. Enhancing it Julia Roberts I thought of that -- and an unusual -- I thought it was fine as well sort of like that. Yet to the black gown with lace up I didn't have a problem with -- -- didn't think there was. Stunning thing you think it was -- everybody's time you put it well she looked like a wrought iron gates -- Finally because it's Julia Roberts and I gotta get my respect but I mean I don't know I'm not sure that I would open that gate then just think. Let's go to the guys right now let's there's a new trend on the net this year -- -- Garrett -- -- that he goes against the grain where a light Jack cigarette boats. -- -- He I. I didn't lot and it had a different light your -- Harrison. What it was very in this year we're very holy we're very good humor man. Yeah right the end to him amendments and up take up for a once again make some headlines. -- -- -- -- But what -- the -- doesn't look like a tiny little man and a red. Well thank you show up -- -- perhaps quite nicely with -- and -- to stand out a little that I I don't know what I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robin Roberts -- -- -- the Galilee Jesus lavender boiling down she felt when she history also by the way coordinator job after you -- husband go around.

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{"id":22748387,"title":"Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the Oscars","duration":"3:00","description":"A full fashion recap from Sunday night's show. ","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2014-red-carpet-hits-misses-22748387","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}