Overtime May Increase Chance of Heart Attacks

A study shows that if you work more than 80 hours per week your chances for a heart attack increases
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Overtime May Increase Chance of Heart Attacks
Hardest time for the next Paula you do feel a little under the weather not quite feeling right now and he working -- hard -- And delicious torment -- being a woman is that what this can't -- a woman -- stakes. Yeah well maybe -- not so good either your work over eight hours according to this news.com or men or women listen to this if you work over eight hours you Chris your read. Noted that -- -- that you and Chris. AMR until -- few -- you increase your risk of heart attack Y 880%. If you look at. According to this study 22000 people from around the world twelve studies it's an amalgam on the -- these studies in 1958 finds that if you work more than eight hours. You get an 80% greater risk of heart disease and the size of the increase vary depending on how -- -- these studies was carried out but that's a pretty -- Thinks that Dennis you know what else is a killer what is. C faded or not my mother way he's there yet surely in my office made from pipes that I didn't get a lot -- you he's actually a weapon and Laredo Texas. I'm me and tried to rob a a liquor store. And the employees to female employees by the way they were able to retrieve his weapon -- -- -- -- feeding him. Let me -- that sent an inch stilettos it's not the first time in San Francisco woman. Up pummeled a guy with her 6000 dollar pair sorry -- -- time yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People think we move on I don't yeah I think you have -- -- say about this -- an idea and Muzak. It's not made you try them on -- they've -- nothing well it's like and a stage. Where -- in the sports world you -- you see all the time in support of breast cancer awareness you see that the baseball players -- -- -- -- the -- the pink bats the wrist bands all -- -- -- see this comes courtesy of the press of Atlantic City but apparently youth football coach in the garden state get a bit of a backlash because one of his players wanted to -- his mother by wearing pink gloves. During -- football game is innocent not a year will apparently the athletes Wear pink to raise awareness of breast cancer -- anyone to support his mom but. It didn't quite go so well and he wound up leaving the team but the -- basically said it's communication problem. Granted he's -- allow it but it hasn't done under the right set of circumstances in and they -- -- -- to come back. Hopefully -- work this -- I write this story for little frightening this from the Charlotte Observer a woman breaks up with her boyfriend twelve years ago. Goes to jail for drugs among I didn't think they'll have -- A year ago he came to make some improvements on the house and just over the weekend she noticed -- and -- falling and -- insulation falling. He was living in her attic -- boyfriends. She and drove up to twelve years those living in the Kennedy -- and he had a -- -- -- -- -- don't let me let people create alert create.

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{"id":17215695,"title":"Overtime May Increase Chance of Heart Attacks","duration":"3:00","description":"A study shows that if you work more than 80 hours per week your chances for a heart attack increases","url":"/WNN/video/overtime-increase-chance-heart-attacks-17215695","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}