Paul McCartney Announces Resumption of Tour

After a viral infection caused the former Beatle to cancel tour dates, he says he's healthy and good to go.
3:36 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Paul McCartney Announces Resumption of Tour
Time now for this -- and topping our headlines a major announcement from Paul McCartney a viral infection forced the rock and roll -- to -- a brief hiatus. Postponing several Asian in -- last tour dates. But this morning he's posting a message. Online fans. Policy ascend will come and see you choosing great rock and -- and. -- now those. For the postponed concerts McCartney's. Out there tour resumes July 5 in Albany, New York. -- can you believe Madonna's daughter lord this is actually now grown up in about ready to graduate from high school but it held -- -- last Saturday. Pre prom party was -- Madonna's house that's Florida's second from the left and the material mom. Is to grant some pictures among them this photo of Madonna herself wearing sneakers in the -- -- see -- glass of wine with a message mama takes her -- House with teenagers to pay a lot of work even -- celeb -- -- And the sad passing to note overnight Eli Wallach has died. His sixteen year career is a character actor on TV in the movies and on the stage -- in his last movie roles was in Wall Street money never sleeps in 2010. That senior he won an honorary Oscar. Eli Wallach was 98 years old so great as to coat on the good the bad and the that's a good -- your greatest roles and her in. Last week we shot Katie pairing with Hillary Clinton and now they're -- singer is hobnobbing with vice president invited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think voting at a white -- to Holler at vice president PS. Heeding -- call my 93 year old grandmother to thank her for my baby blue eyes what -- -- Eight -- is looking pretty -- south. Look back. She is -- to -- And I had -- -- -- -- and now are movement from the center stage of presidential politics to the center stage. A new musical opens up next month -- the New York musical festival. -- actors -- Bill Clinton who witnessed the Hillary character are on a quest to save the presidency other characters and musical include Newt Gingrich of course and. Monica Lewinsky. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Showing the world why she's Hollywood's -- style icon the Oscar winning actress -- this stunning photo on -- and showing off her from pilots complexion. At new phase of -- home. It got more than 46. Unlike in the first half hour -- -- come -- -- -- -- they were doing this month posed the big reveal wasn't supposed to take place until September but. Can go from young long don't go yet had -- -- of the secret that I never intended to. And -- that prepares. To practice me on the -- go for the next story down young golf celebrity birthdays on this Wednesday night. This young girl -- keep -- -- June -- -- -- lassie and lost his face and 89. CEO -- just under 698 British comedian Ricky Gervais fifty relief. We'll be right back folks with your face.

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{"id":24293726,"title":"Paul McCartney Announces Resumption of Tour","duration":"3:36","description":"After a viral infection caused the former Beatle to cancel tour dates, he says he's healthy and good to go.","url":"/WNN/video/paul-mccartney-announces-resumption-tour-24293726","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}