Pool Basketball Video Is a Viral Slam Dunk

New video shows friends pulling off the ultimate jam.
2:55 | 05/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pool Basketball Video Is a Viral Slam Dunk
-- in the next summer's come and appear almost -- -- -- season all the tools of terror and we're gonna see more and more these videos we saw some of them last year this letter on -- this here. About this is a big goal Hollywood -- best I think we're back right I'm out of here. May eleventh that. It's been -- 151000 times we would just released pretty much in his grave to get the latest fire one and it will not be the last I love these. Com and and you know what happened throughout this summer that happened last year they start adding there was -- adding guys. Absolutely bigger and bigger than these guys learn about another woman on the -- This stay with summary beechy pool -- the lady and I Kansas City, Missouri is that you know what I'm just kind of gotten -- with mowing my -- So I'm gonna turn it into -- -- in fat and she'll literally he. Put up perimeter around her yard and she halt the end how many times I think it's like eighty tons. -- -- It costs 4000 dollars and she's at a six years old and -- in the house for 33 years I think they don't anymore now she looks like it's going to be threatened to. I immediately mental -- during the would you want to live next door and then we'll now on that island it's getting a couple of mixed reviews that everybody's happy. We've got to get this next one because it's so cool that the dog Jack Russell from Germany. He placed veteran himself from the very creative ways to install watches that the end of the seasonal what -- Tacked on the end of -- -- Back. This I want -- -- crazy great offensive or Jack little home in game. -- -- -- That's just -- getting better than that Diana you have this special announcement to make. Hey Darryl I feel like amid a lot of special announcements on that show and seven the lot on the show you know you guys get to know us and hopefully like -- and then one of us have to leave and that's my big announcement tomorrow is my last day I'm going home to be a mommy and yes. -- you know this is the one of those decision that's always difficult I do intend on coming back eventually but this is that kind of prime time for my kids they're so small -- -- home until -- -- so -- and they they need me and I -- and then -- just wanna thank you guys obviously for welcoming into your home every -- making me an -- part of your routine. I wouldn't take a little bit of all the things that I -- here and now give it to my him. We are gonna miss you so much in more stable than tears and hugs in the last through tomorrow and we have a big send off an -- -- We will miss you and it's going to be you can't -- he's used back into Gracie has -- some time kids and it's -- and music nor. -- this Chile has been one of the best experiences of my life thanks to all the viewers all of people here. So that's that's the big announcement and.

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{"id":23908602,"title":"Pool Basketball Video Is a Viral Slam Dunk","duration":"2:55","description":"New video shows friends pulling off the ultimate jam.","url":"/WNN/video/pool-basketball-video-viral-slam-dunk-23908602","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}