Powerlifting Senior Citizen

A 91-year-old Swedish man sets the powerlifting age record.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Powerlifting Senior Citizen
-- next time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lists almost 300 pounds quite impressed I think. Can of the study here Jeff -- about Jesus died 91 year old. Various genetic credible spin steam at the garden -- things 286000. During the Danish national power lifting. Competition just ahead of the 2014. Weightlifting competition the masters that it. He's the oldest power -- and international Croat confederation. -- 91 years old. 286. Fact that is incredible. -- -- his reaction after reports us. Afraid that I have had a very gym sessions are finally doing like the ten pound dumb bells and -- like yeah. You sit down and relax -- -- Correctly. That we cannot get enough of cute animal videos -- -- videos and this one is a really good visit I cat. -- up with two blizzards and cold and kind of has some pretty adorable reaction here wait forever -- -- -- -- playing. I didn't even notice the one behind them. So got a bigger isn't -- like. More -- around -- during the -- scared out of the hair and it really scary -- what ever and the third windows media that I can watch all day it's. -- you right up. -- positively to our kids go to the museum filled with -- this is that -- ordinary museum this is the sixteen -- -- -- -- -- known as. North lands. And it was that developed by -- Bruce Williams the second you know. Put it up there. -- -- -- -- This is a model train paradise on steroids -- Atlanta -- went down in his basement we still loves to play with the strains. And it was pretty cool but this one that might have it takes the cake and and -- -- -- that I mean it almost Michelle and try to get right. Click here it's really outside Atlanta and uses for -- -- actually Sony Sony went there this is in New Jersey and something went there to promote their QX 100 lens camera. So perfect meeting -- an awesome place with an Austin campus is not great. That it is really cool. Writes about how good are you at remembering anniversaries terrible days names terrible OK -- -- may be a part of this study there's new research done this was published in the Daily Mail UK. Men between the ages of thirty and sixteen from the way it works are remembering things than women -- -- I never get many more thing they -- 48000. -- events. A -- problem they have -- remembering names and dates and the guys you just he just can't do it. I can watch this month but not so my daughter and quote the whole cartoon back to her but I but -- -- thing. Somebody's birthday he's very straight men.

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{"id":22576251,"title":"Powerlifting Senior Citizen","duration":"3:00","description":"A 91-year-old Swedish man sets the powerlifting age record.","url":"/WNN/video/powerlifting-senior-citizen-22576251","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}