President Obama, Mitt Romney Joke at Al Smith Dinner

Days after their second presidential debate, Mitt Romney and President Obama poke fun at each other.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for President Obama, Mitt Romney Joke at Al Smith Dinner
Loses it actually lands -- giveaway is from those -- we -- wolf almost three minutes. That is the boxer Bruce Springsteen campaigning for President Obama in Ohio yesterday though Obama was in with my stage of this Bill Clinton with -- on stage. -- -- to hang out whoever he went on -- box. Mr. Obama and governor Romney we're here in New York City last night for Catholic charity event and -- was supposed to be a night off they couldn't help getting in a few shots at one another. People seem to be very curious as to how we prepare for the debates -- what I do. First refrain from alcohol for 65 years before the second -- the biggest available straw man and then just personally attack him. Big -- -- Davis is coming. In the spirit of Sesame Street the president's remarks that are brought to you by the letter O and the number sixteen trillion. Let's just say that some in the media have a certain way of I'm looking at things. When suddenly I pulled ahead of some of the major polls what was ahead. Polls show Obama leading from behind. He has seen early reports from tonight's dinner. Obama embraced by Catholics. -- -- with rich people. This is the third time that governor Romney and I. Met recently. Some -- may have noticed I have a lot more energy and our second debate. Rusted out. After the -- long -- I had in the first debate. Win -- lose. This is my last political campaign. So I'm trying to drink it all in. Unfortunately Mayor Bloomberg will only let -- have sixteen ounces. -- I'm -- and making the most of my time in the city. Earlier today I went shopping at some stores in midtown. I understand governor Romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. -- news debate and a bit different because the topic is foreign policy. -- -- -- -- The writers and good gig tonight I think especially for a lot of women out there that movie. That last debate -- little uncomfortable attire -- as nice to see -- at least on the stage but for the differences aside for good causes of course all the money goes to Catholic Charities. In New York it's a tradition dating back ten to -- -- to and it's funny you know as much as Democrat Republican they all. Even gave Obama than that the target of a lot of jokes was up Biden. It does matter who's doing and if you say a joke about Biden to everybody last season. -- that was good to see -- programs -- we won't see that on Monday night in Florida now because.

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{"id":17515164,"title":"President Obama, Mitt Romney Joke at Al Smith Dinner","duration":"3:00","description":"Days after their second presidential debate, Mitt Romney and President Obama poke fun at each other.","url":"/WNN/video/president-obama-mitt-romney-joke-al-smith-dinner-17515164","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}