President Trump on the world stage

The Trump administration takes on two nuclear fronts.
2:54 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for President Trump on the world stage
Secretary of state Rex Tillerson announcing that the US is reviewing the nuclear agreement while slamming it as a failure. He's also taking aim at I Ryan I would I ran for supporting terrorism. All this as tensions are nearing a boiling point with North Korea. ABC's RO at times has been following new developments from Washington DC at this early morning hour good morning or let. Good morning attendance and Adrian with a hundred day mark quickly approaching president trump. Is diving deeper and deeper into foreign affairs the administration now talking tough are not one but two nuclear front it's. Secretary of the seed Rex Tillerson is issuing a warning on Iran comparing this behavior to North Korea. Unchecked Iran has the potential to travel same path this North Korea. And take the world along with a. Those comments come after Tillerson notified congress that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal struck with President Obama. Despite that the trump administration says it's conducting a full review of that agreement. Trump administration has no intention. Of passing the buck to a future administration. On the wrong. The evidence is clear Iran's provocative actions threaten the United States the region. And world. On the campaign trail candidate trump reeled against the deal promising to renegotiate it. They're doing here red deal it was so bad so pathetic I looked at it. I looked at the way they negotiated I said these people don't know watt they're doing. Since taking office president trump has not revealed how he'll tackle that deal the Iran deal made by the previous administration. Is one of the worst deals. I have ever witnessed and I've witnessed some beauties but. I will do what I have to do with respect. To the Iran deal. Meanwhile the trump White House has already in the middle of confronting another dangerous nuclear power North Korea. US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley with strong words for Pyongyang. Telling reporters quote we're not trying to pick a fight so don't try and give us one. And vice president Mike Pence seen the US is into looking to negotiates. We are going to make it clear. To the regime in Pyongyang. And that the days of broken promises. The days. Running out the clock. Com on agreements with the wider world are over. Now here in Washington president trump willing engaged in some diplomatic outreach when he welcomes the prime minister at it'll lead to the White House today. The two how to press conference. Where the president will likely face questions about a strategy on both North Korea. And Iran we'll have to see what the us to say on those two topics and that's nature again. Lest we forget there are plenty of topics that we need to ask him questions about apps I would lift timer that thank you.

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{"id":46905733,"title":"President Trump on the world stage","duration":"2:54","description":"The Trump administration takes on two nuclear fronts.","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-world-stage-46905733","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}