A Problem with Siri?

Why would someone have a beef with the iPhone's voice?
3:00 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for A Problem with Siri?
Its. World news now delivers your morning -- us. -- Syria did to people like you. The Mason that's at BC where for stories and by the time the Wall Street Journal and New York man is actually suing apple for false advertising because he's having some issues with serious a little signals -- turn up. But -- assure us that jurors there's not a theory not talking please WC -- commercials how easy it is to use a lot of people don't think it is so this -- is filing a lawsuit say that it's far less responsive and real life. I ask her. -- What's the capital of Michigan. And she came back with. -- she got at this time. Let me think -- that everything Jason west -- she said what's the capital of -- OK he can't. -- slow how many weeks we'll take before -- for Atlanta even -- in the last statements -- Good. But -- Traffic backed up except the father bought the other guys in the movie theaters is popcorn too much to look -- -- -- -- -- that I was saying I have had some issues that it. What do you -- toilet bowl. -- Here is it good lord. You consolidate I -- -- hearing that that's a good at a news. Would you do in them it isn't that is Angel questioned Bellingham Washington they got very creative five expendable toilets they Christian -- -- into -- sidewalk just. Like honey creek so instead of doing looked over the roadways or whatever its crust. Porcelain instead of gravel that's -- you do little toilet and they have to look at what they had that would -- initiative of the vote -- -- see on the sidewalks they're fifth head recycling. Folks if you -- the help it just don't end to Hillary's wants to understand. -- the fifty seat in the house but -- was OK so how far would would like -- planks to parents go for their kids especially for kindergarten I'm California. There were two dozen tents right outside of the kindergarten very popular supposed to be one of the best schools in the area. Here's what we're it's called occupy kindergarten they were camping out overnight. Just to register because -- the actual date will be posted. Who was posted but indeed the parents say. You wait overnight -- your turn to -- first come first -- it and act as a -- I know that if you don't get in and -- hard to get enrolled for first and second so. It's ridiculous for some parents in certain parts of its contract yeah -- to -- is dedicating their kids take Kevin out to getting to a good public school. In the richest country of the martian sorry I am my soapbox now also why do people most popular reasons people unfriendly each other -- -- social media sites. Because one item we have Fred people think it is utterly offensive boards do you post about how to -- -- the -- of politics. So no sex or religion or politics gets ugly out there -- ago. -- -- --

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{"id":15916680,"title":"A Problem with Siri?","duration":"3:00","description":"Why would someone have a beef with the iPhone's voice? ","url":"/WNN/video/problem-siri-15916680","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}