Purse Snatcher Stupidity

Pennsylvania man is arrested after asking alleged victim for a date.
2:55 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Purse Snatcher Stupidity
I world news now delivers your morning and. Welcome back everybody never doubt the stupidity of some -- criminals in in the world this comes as from the courier post. This man from the Pittsburgh area apparently who robbed a girl and somehow after he robbed her was able to track down her cell phone number. And then apparently found his victim -- as he called Obama's -- -- album to date. After robbing her exit -- wasting time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- said as you can tell real Casanova there sold sixty bucks and the -- -- the bus stop watching and waiting for waiting for her mother. And they -- the victim herself asking for a date on -- and she said no she's probably thinking woman at. -- now he faces charges of robbery. Simple assault and resisting arrest you know I respect you know the confidence that within the next and who can move on when NASA that. I went down now I think you're -- Trickster a robot that -- -- the beautiful today. Well I think all the every committee up. -- -- So we -- that. Nevada robot can apply for driver's licenses. Oh lord yes -- -- march won the state allows robot researchers to apply for a special license. It allows -- to test a robot and both vehicles on open roads. And -- -- passed. They're going to get agreed license plate but anybody who want to robot car license has to post -- bond in excess of one million. Two -- its damaged. -- But -- live in this doesn't mean that life. -- -- -- never Vegas strip right like this isn't like full fledged like robot on the road -- get out of that run on getting that netted in the in the robot -- down parallel -- this is there something only you tested middlemen in negative. That I love -- at the Philadelphia -- here are my favorite personal favorite story of the day -- You heard this whole contraception and made is going on these days and Rush Limbaugh Simon in an ultrasound issue -- Virginia -- the Wilmington city councilor woman does into the Philadelphia Inquirer. They passed a resolution Thursday night. Have been basically that says. It confers the rights of personhood on each and every human sperm. And -- -- said they want -- forbidden men from destroying. There semen and the remnant it was all past tongue in cheek with a woman who -- -- -- the -- a woman said. I'm standing up for women in this city I'm sitting up for women in the state and women in this country she doesn't like the hypocrisy of men -- health decisions affecting women's bodies so now. They have passed a -- -- resolution they say no man can destroy his. His own sperm and his son -- another strike lasts just trying to guess Kleenex is going out of business. That's. A take care you boys malice in my life together and -- And -- yeah yeah.

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{"id":15847802,"title":"Purse Snatcher Stupidity","duration":"2:55","description":"Pennsylvania man is arrested after asking alleged victim for a date.","url":"/WNN/video/purse-snatcher-stupidity-15847802","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}