R.E.M. and Roseanne Ruled Pop Culture 21 Years Ago

"Cosby," "Roseanne," and Hannibal Lecter were tops back in 1992.
4:06 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for R.E.M. and Roseanne Ruled Pop Culture 21 Years Ago
You can tell we're in the allowed the bar is why don't -- that because we are -- one years old and finally legal yeah oh absolutely it's about time. -- -- -- -- -- waiting list it's a good -- of the. We had not set until March when it I don't I know you've been good were taken a look that. And -- year 1992 which is when this show was -- and write -- who this usually do the skinny so we thought why not take a look back get pop culture's of course TV shows. Pretty good -- and we had Murphy Brown of course would inspire lots of us. In the media field as well we -- cheers home and prove it but there was one big hit 92 the number one comedy at the time. Rose in London was number one at that time so federal of the -- -- a take a listen. -- -- -- -- -- Come on Nancy I'll drive you home this time I won't go over the railroad -- -- -- Minutes of course that no one of the best if not the very best new show ever -- -- comedies Roseanne was queen of the time everyone loved confounding way back in the day -- -- -- raining the TV -- but also it could talk about movies. In terms of the theater none of us can forget what. -- fava beans and -- anyone who I had silence on the -- -- I was afraid to sleep for about two years after this movie -- best actor talking data Anthony Hopkins went for best actor in -- -- -- and Jodie Foster back to act. Dress she. -- what -- the other -- iPhone live up to the original the original so. Good at Hopkins had everyone's scared of talking about that I'm a hard time literally eat meat at the dinner table after this movie he's right. They had -- hey it was bad didn't have them stop screaming yeah flattering. That there is somebody is creeping up it was a good bill and I don't I don't totally different -- -- Popular film of the time though all Latin and I remember taking my eighth grade girls -- introducing him to blend. -- Really wasn't he more drinks usually -- things I don't. Yeah we're -- yeah. Yeah do you member of the ninety thank you know there's always say hello yes let you know are you -- same charity that's right it was a big and not per -- shifts not British residents Prince Andrew it right -- they and they ended their relationship and Johnny Carson and in his thirty year wow at the -- -- -- tonight show hosts midnight -- heat math that I. Where he -- and I wish you all very heartfelt goodnight -- -- last thirty years that was incredible TV legend never never will never be another Carson may 22 1990 and then -- happy. Sign off the air when -- my all time favorite sitcom that was the pilot episode there -- day and never Clinton Clair walked off the set of the last episode that it greatly hero with a -- comes. Ever -- -- a possible class also do you wanna feel really cold here. Yes we do we are -- kill nobody yes which celebrities. Who are favorites today were actually born back in nineteen. 92 way after the -- should get this Taylor longer Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez all born in 1992. This incredible how to help older we feel now -- -- all -- multimillionaires and. Yes. OK that's -- alternative music album of the year goes -- -- yeah. I have that I am -- had seen billable -- losing my religion is a huge event that you everywhere yeah. I'm -- I -- with a -- I'm sorry individual. Yeah -- top here and big. At this the top at the grazing near the top album and the top -- best album best record of the year went to this classic Natalie Cole singing. A disease that never came home -- forget what do you remember that was set to begin the timing technology -- -- -- -- and his voice from his old recordings of Nixon -- that was about being deals and big hits and albums the years so this show was forgettable but that's songs and yeah. --

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{"id":18129799,"title":"R.E.M. and Roseanne Ruled Pop Culture 21 Years Ago","duration":"4:06","description":"\"Cosby,\" \"Roseanne,\" and Hannibal Lecter were tops back in 1992.","url":"/WNN/video/rem-roseanne-ruled-pop-culture-21-years-ago-18129799","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}