Rihanna Teams With Style Network

The popstar will be the executive producer of a fashion reality show.
3:00 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Rihanna Teams With Style Network
So am I celebrating in the release of her new album minutes wild success -- apologetic but she's also celebrated the fact that she has joined with the style network to executive produce and star and their first ever competition -- realities here is what they're looking for. There because music meets fashion they're trying to find the next great fashion design superstars in a premier in 2013 ten at the says. It's gonna get twelve up and coming designers who -- selected by -- The chance to great pieces -- lab to be crowned America's next trend setting designer don't expect to hear anything about her relationship. Chris brown and how exactly is -- and -- -- basically. Yeah downtown another fashion reality show and -- -- -- unconfirmed music perspective right literally couldn't very -- she looks -- in hand me stating. So I trust -- They get right to. That's Wilson then we are we have to fight over her Willis all right also -- -- -- -- -- -- Since came out yesterday -- -- these really quickly the most nominate folks and start there Kanye West that the -- -- frank ocean. The dead Al mop up the black keys Mumford and sons and the -- fun at things that huge if we are young now in terms an album of the year nominations el -- by the black keys some nights my fun. -- -- bad watch an of that but I don't -- Mumford and sons channel orange by frank ocean and blunder bust by Jack White. Best new artist nominations. -- Alabama shakes -- hunter pays the mutineers. And frank ocean of grass all of those guys -- is coming up in a few weeks. I recognize about two of those trips OK so Angelina Jolie at you believe it or not she's -- them a brand new station. That she's considering retirement the -- -- this -- she says I've enjoyed being an actress and so grateful for the job I've had experiences great experiences -- -- been able to tell stories. I'm done -- -- -- -- you know hopefully that went away tomorrow I'd be very happy to be home with my children. All six of them but she says. I'm gonna have to give up the acting as the kids -- the teenage years because it's just too much to manage at home and her partner fiance -- -- also say he shifted his focus as well don't -- -- Angelina. Don't leave us. Solve mad brand Atlanta Max -- also good news and in the marriage department apparently talked about the breakup between Danny DeVito and -- permanent full days in recent interview kind of hinted they may be trying to reconcile and get back together he says -- -- I really close actually still together or just separate but. Together they got married back in 82 maybe there's hope hope for reconciliation. --

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{"id":17891457,"title":"Rihanna Teams With Style Network","duration":"3:00","description":"The popstar will be the executive producer of a fashion reality show.","url":"/WNN/video/rihanna-teams-style-network-17891457","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}