Robert Pattinson Looking to Move Forward

The "Twilight" star appears on "The Daily Show" and never mentions Kristin Stewart.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Robert Pattinson Looking to Move Forward
-- -- -- Patents in picking up the pieces of his broken life factor in Kristen Stewart cheated on -- with her Huntsman director group birds. Whatever Alaskan is that Rupert Sanders and he goes on video show with Jon -- last -- the first time that he spoke and and Dutton never mentioned -- once it is -- plus lesson -- and it did not mention her name at all. But here's a little snippets of exactly what took place. Why I'm now in the in the senate and it is not like it's my biggest from my -- some cheap. And and hire publicists I think you should. I think you should -- -- unless you have a time machine. Clearly trying to cheer about he did see that they -- Ben and Jerry's ice and that they're so though he didn't bring up -- -- he was clearly trying to console. Like he was going through yet have a motion that tied at one point an audience member said that -- did attempt to bring -- public. Break ups saying that folks have been acting as though they are quote the end of the world and Patterson's -- -- that said. -- -- Small companies dry out -- play in this one just right he's being classic anybody I feel a sense I truly heartbroken and getting some truly heartbroken he was smitten with her. Now not to show any. All right so we got sort of a parallel here we've talked about Anderson Cooper he world news now alarmed by the way he might -- some questions to answer along these lines apparently his long time boyfriend got caught snapped up in some pictures. Kissing another guy in a park so. You know they -- apparently have reportedly on the verge of getting married. So Anderson Coopers and asking tough questions to ask about that we've seen and a close embrace and the guy was a dark haired muscle bound men apparently and is happy. And in the New York City parks. Nobody's really sure exactly when would pictures. Word snapped but of course big question becomes why -- why would anybody care about this guy before it came out -- Wes Anderson Cooper's. Point environment and body be snapping pictures -- -- London tabloid don't we -- Always see stuff always always always OK so Miley Cyrus -- -- machine was known for those long long -- yeah along time ago. Well she has gone beyond it and it. Short -- yeah -- yes this is her new. Twitter. Picture -- she says I never felt more mean in my whole life. We think about it. You know what I was expenses for some actually -- -- -- want to be surprised and I was expected ago looks terrible. And what's kind of -- They can't -- I mean I don't think shall keep the for a long long time it is and palate -- -- -- you know who -- her hair stylist is I think Chris McMillan this is named coo who did -- get. Famous. Rachel. I can't cut to Jennifer -- -- already that were done a great -- -- -- this will be -- What do you think -- do you like him I think it's you I wouldn't you love to do something crazy -- my hair. You bet but the filing would not approve I would I would love -- -- -- -- that you would I think in the opening offices big Fella yeah I'd better be wearing -- how to but yet. -- couple aren't into this one real -- can carte fashion is -- itching to finalize that divorce and scheduling she lost -- you can't name one big problem Chris Humphries standing in the way lets us quote from camp. Chemist told her lawyer -- the case is dragging because this is not actually -- has just from a -- saying that Chris is determined to keep his name of the press to drag her name through the mud Kidman's ready getting days to Conde. But doesn't want to until the divorce. It's finalized me. Well we'll all the -- and happiness to her what 71 days of marriage of content at the end --

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{"id":16999811,"title":"Robert Pattinson Looking to Move Forward","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Twilight\" star appears on \"The Daily Show\" and never mentions Kristin Stewart.","url":"/WNN/video/robert-pattinson-move-forward-16999811","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}