Robin Williams, Ferguson Protests and the News of the Week

Lauren Bacall, Flooding and Death on the Race Track made up the week's headlines.
2:02 | 08/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Williams, Ferguson Protests and the News of the Week
It's been quite a busy week in the news world with a heavy -- -- tragic event and here now our Friday we'll rewind we take a look back and say goodbye to two of our brightest stars. Mr. williams' life ended from a -- -- due to hanging until morning but also such a great man news. And obviously that you need news. He was just the force of religion. Up until final round -- his arms up in the air and they -- and it makes me sick that Wednesday. My morning. -- you in the front line up there. And I just I Susan. Like and right now. Headquarter all the criminal how's this has never been decidedly not even -- sending -- back Grayson how exactly Harley hear about it and snarls francs. So when it was you know when. -- -- -- was involved and there are a lot of attention to it. There is -- -- and evidence opinion. Or no effects. Monday would support. Be criminal charge of our attention has focused on the -- back -- genocide in helping the men women. Children on the -- you think he's handling the situation in Iraq right now when we should be doing it differently. -- it's unbelievable. Thank kids from Philly an -- -- -- -- sports. Very unbelievable. You know how to whisk just. We just put your lips to get -- through. Those who don't have a sensitive. Some real greats and also a reminder of just the excellent work that both -- -- -- as well as Robin Williams did over the span of their careers worth watching again -- in fact this weekend I think we should all take to Netflix go to iTunes download some of those classics already they're topping the Robin Williams on -- -- -- topping. The charts there -- download so it'll be. The good weekend ahead for that don't miss our updates this week on FaceBook -- -- an intense dot com.

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{"id":24992824,"title":"Robin Williams, Ferguson Protests and the News of the Week","duration":"2:02","description":"Lauren Bacall, Flooding and Death on the Race Track made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/robin-williams-ferguson-protests-news-week-24992824","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}