Rumors and Information about the New 'Star Wars' Movie

"Star Wars Episode VII: The Hill" will take place 30 years after "Return of the Jedi."
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rumors and Information about the New 'Star Wars' Movie
Cards anytime everybody we have new information from Lucas films and our parent company Disney along with some rumors about the next Star Wars film episode seven also known as the hill -- take place thirty years after return of the jet -- which completed the original trilogy. The press release also -- of the film quote. We'll start a trio of new young leave. Along with some very familiar faces. It's been rumored for months Harrison Ford Carrie Fisher. And mark -- will be those familiar face problems that also say Adam driver from girls will be one of the new young leads playing the villain. Shooting begins in May in London JJ Abrams co writes and directs it would be nice to see some of those great faces -- the classics a lot of people looking forward to -- and out. I don't think Miley Cyrus is singer's -- isn't hot. In fact one of her tour -- that literally burst into flames up the other night it happened as the tour bus was on its way from Houston to New Orleans. -- -- may have exploded causing the fire and the bus was destroyed. -- when that happens -- was not on the bus but the performers mom her sister Noah and manager Larry Randolph Warren. -- -- -- -- this video along with a note that said everyone got out safe no one's injured whatsoever -- -- scoreless performance went on. Without incident scary stuff scary stuff by now former brat packer Rob Lowe was pretty much spilling his guts in the second -- goes on sale April 6 -- Into. ABC's Grey's Anatomy but. He turned that rolled down to start at CBS series called doctor Vegas of that show was canceled after only five episodes. What some would -- come out on. The wrong -- low admits the Grey's Anatomy script was much better but. Says that at the time ABC dramas had a history of fly okay well this show still ahead how about that he had had anybody like your ABC now there -- -- -- would you like better as an extremely thank. This is such a tough call because I am a knee injury Amy van that he is he -- -- personal and in person watching this summer and he was. He is beautiful man but I also love Rob -- self ABC casting they know what they're doing one -- -- -- their first choice second choice. Very familiar way with casting clearly this way here. All right next up Justin Bieber he's apparently said Oscar levees that to the Golden State at least for now here's the proof DMZ getting shots of moving -- outside his former state in the gated community. Community in California -- is a wrenching new digs in Atlanta right now. And there is word he is looking to buy a house so watch out neighbors. So right. We've previously border reported that the new owner beavers former house in southern California's Khloe Kardashian but TMZ also reports. That Bieber has also sold the plot of land next door of the house and that means he owns. No property at all. In California can you hear the cheering coming -- -- -- -- had a chance all right let's take a look at some celebrity birthdays for march 19 there's a bunch of them. We have singer Ruth pointer from the Pointer Sisters. 68 years old actress Glenn Close is 67. Crews -- Harvey Weinstein 62 years old today -- actor Bruce Willis 59. Years old.

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{"id":22964889,"title":"Rumors and Information about the New 'Star Wars' Movie","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Star Wars Episode VII: The Hill\" will take place 30 years after \"Return of the Jedi.\"","url":"/WNN/video/rumors-information-star-wars-movie-22964889","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}