Rumors: Robert Pattinson is Leaving Kristin Stewart

Robert Pattinson has not been seen at his house with Kristin Stewart since her public statement.
3:10 | 07/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rumors: Robert Pattinson is Leaving Kristin Stewart
That's -- devastated -- to see events Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and it looks like their relationship might be. -- -- -- Not wouldn't. Maybe Chris -- fan no OK am sad to at least get that bad out there but now -- is trying to figure out where Robert is. He's not at the home the two of them share. I'm kind of Billick fallen off the deep that nobody really knows where he is that they are saying that he has packed his bags according to people magazine's. Heartbroken he's angry. And he's in seclusion -- Which she -- -- yesterday's emotionally an apology from Stuart. And apparently they haven't really been in contact. He owns the home that they actually sharing Californian of course since you've got the pop -- -- just camp out waiting for that either one of them. To emerge but if Clinton were fighting and that that statement that -- tenaciously and I -- -- -- -- they don't want her in the rob rob I love you I love you they never really made -- public they were actually. A couple and so for her to publicly. -- named him in a statement when they haven't really even come out as a couple he was completely morning. -- baton from rumors that he's moved down at all what kind stuff now -- -- and embarrassed and all that you know these -- will encourage trust me this at home parents just won't be. You'll you'll be fine so keep on keep it on out there about how this ends up also ladies I hate to break your heart -- what they -- do this to -- but bad news. Now there -- don't just don't say it gonna happen now departure from Grey's Anatomy mixed Amy is added there he isn't. It's gone Eric Dane -- -- there the crater there's no Shah of Iran said. He's one of the most beloved Packers on the show and she says the actor did not come to this decision lightly but after much consideration and conversations he and I decided this is the right time. For his story line to end so he is out of there that steamy. They expect setting the stage sorry ladies out there and all the fans and Grey's Anatomy. He's gone. -- -- -- -- Actually haven't watched -- the vine down when I'm here work. Just on -- cricket final and I believe now if red hot Lee got sent a ingesting tweet to -- -- -- -- who has that. Really really catchy -- that you've heard of on the radio that -- nighttime coming maybe. Fishing ban on top of the charts for seven -- she surpassing got as record six weeks with born this way and says she treated her she says I see just who did it broke my born this way -- records. The most weeks at number one don't get comfortable I -- -- -- was obviously hijacked and they got just landed her. -- role in the film called machete kills -- Gotta have thousands teaser have finally -- Zero quick real that are funded from happy days guess -- -- -- coming back to Broadway in November at a play call we'll -- we've got to play chuck would. Who is a legend in the porn industry yeah. We'll have a romantic problems of two young couples who -- these come at the stage as a porno actor. -- alienated. That.

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{"id":16867477,"title":"Rumors: Robert Pattinson is Leaving Kristin Stewart","duration":"3:10","description":"Robert Pattinson has not been seen at his house with Kristin Stewart since her public statement.","url":"/WNN/video/rumors-robert-pattinson-leaving-kristin-stewart-16867477","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}