Sadie Cries Over Her Brother

A new viral video shows a little girl bawling over how cute her baby brother is.
2:54 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Sadie Cries Over Her Brother
And now it's time for the mix OK there's a little girl named Sadie who was probably thinking what. Every parent in America thinks when their kids are growing up. Had an emotional breakdown and take a look. He's -- here. -- Yeah I don't want. And to grow up 875000. People view this kind YouTube what I love is the look on the little -- -- who knows. I'll look at the spin out yeah snows and. And she needs to get yourself a cabbage patch -- all I don't think. -- There are so quick break or I have a special or when of these ice cream -- take a look at Spanish physicist turned Shaq. -- -- can't get some ice cream that if you which gets hot we'll eventually changed. Controllers. I mean I laughed because first of all who lives there ice cream and -- the look at it. Honestly and that this must be some chemical what you can kind of see -- they're the top of that its A Perry winkle who moved to treat bed skirts and darker purple I guess I don't forget -- well let me know what's inside we don't listen mystery chemical -- on the left what starts what you -- on the right. I -- healthy parents everywhere are ready to go by its effort to shame that we don't have a concept -- -- time I now along with her cheesecake and well -- in Italy a group of grandmothers older women. Have proven that it doesn't matter -- in -- to -- for take a look at this video. They are. From red deer -- are in Italy. And it's got 1000 shares on FaceBook. -- She certainly does have moves to seniors we're at a school playground. And they broke it down look at that. Big -- better than what. Proving that age doesn't matter when it comes to just broke right in -- -- With -- The NASA but we don't know is just exactly what -- -- We do not we do not but moving -- Here's a new novelty for you if your parents you're looking to have a special party for your kids probably renting some alligators. To bring them over to your -- yes there is in Oklahoma. Company that rescues exotic pets. It started to take out their alligators. Powell's -- shot without leashes but lets you swim with alligators that so he -- the -- and -- a lot of things we can say about that comes to. You know I'd have to say -- -- crazy you know the big trend now parents have state parties but you have parties that's a little -- that doesn't bite me.

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{"id":24768529,"title":"Sadie Cries Over Her Brother","duration":"2:54","description":"A new viral video shows a little girl bawling over how cute her baby brother is.","url":"/WNN/video/sadie-cries-brother-24768529","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}