WNN Mix 9.18.12

We've got a hero shark, a $100,000 stove and Naval Cadets like you've never seen them before.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for WNN Mix 9.18.12
Items not the makes everybody -- -- at some -- lightning strikes twice not literally. A good samaritan strikes twice what a guy in Ohio gets a flat tire near Cleveland. He needs help -- guy pulls over -- -- change the flat tire in the course of small talking talks about a guy who once helped them. Eight years earlier as -- -- eight years earlier. Full of fishing boat out of his hand when he was fishing and against that the guy who's helping him change -- That was me and they realize they with the same people again and the guy who helped them -- the second time the same got to help not first time with the issue at hand. Says he feels like it's almost -- life's work to help -- You can say he's just a good guy either help or he's building up a lot of karma karma -- -- that's right. They're different what I -- -- I'm I'm kind of a class thanks again to issues over time as you know. Also there's a police officer. Who claims he had -- a shark guided him to a rescue boat. What he was hopelessly adrift. In the Pacific Ocean hero -- fifteen weeks a hero Sharkey says that he would have -- his brother Ramon was within his brother and we'll have perished from dehydration this forty when -- -- policeman who was only a matter of time before he too. They're succumbed to the elements. And then he fell asleep. And then this this -- started like circling the boat and then kind of nudged the vote. And just to let him know that there was like a rescue. Boat coming by and then and then he -- the boat. I gotta say I'm not really buying it because it's more like a mirage or hallucinations because sharks -- people can -- like sharks attack people can happen in the experts say they only attack here around. Seals can't -- fictional that if -- were like adults spend. I would I would be -- -- a little more I just I didn't jawed hero does not -- I -- what I do this -- all right let's show you something that is very interesting that you -- like this in your -- site. Here in the market for a new -- job and they go you know much that cost 100000. Dollars through. -- -- second biggest supplier and maker appliance maker and they've introduced a 100000. Dollar kitchen range it's really meant for catering but. You know somebody's gonna have that in their kitchen just to rub it did talk about the status symbol but I'm sure I -- a fantastic. A 100000. Dollars so there are saying that they're going for very high network people with two or three homes. It is intended to build and reinforce the -- -- better serve my meal as well and -- been at least. Gangland style I'm I'm just so obsessed with it. It got the US Naval Academy. This is good tribute as it is -- check out how.

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{"id":17259843,"title":"WNN Mix 9.18.12","duration":"3:00","description":"We've got a hero shark, a $100,000 stove and Naval Cadets like you've never seen them before.","url":"/WNN/video/shark-hero-stove-naval-cadets-mix-wnn-17259843","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}