Simon Cowell's Home Invasion Scare

"X-Factor" judge's London home was broken into by a brick-wielding woman.
4:07 | 03/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Simon Cowell's Home Invasion Scare
I'll -- everybody aim now it is time not for the skinny about. Scary night for Simon callow of disabling pictured -- -- his fancy New London home with some kind of multi million dollar security system. You settling down for a night of watching himself on TV -- he hears something upstairs. Who runs up the stairs finds a woman in his back out through -- wielding a boring -- somehow use the break even break the window. Get into the batter me a little bit and and that's it was wait for a network to talk to police the police arrestor. But he wants to know how that happened with security guards society fancy security system. So of course he's stepping up security investment Kelly how many of London remains got it was a direct brain I mean day and something else in his house is worth about nine million. Pounds -- see Simon reacting to it like what visibility -- -- but that reflect. That's terrible -- I don't you have -- different indices are getting. A little upset that her son -- -- treatment be sure. Let's talk about another one -- car dash in last week she got flour bomb it calling it flowered gates well there's the picture dandruff that is flowers -- -- on -- red carpet. In England that was red carpet event. And out of nowhere she got flour -- now at first she was actually a very good sport about it and said that you know she thought that she needed little make up and she's -- talk to her make a pharmacy months and powder. She's making light of it. But. On recent thought he's now thinking it maybe she should take some action she's got to look into this because she basically said that this was not only a launch for her fragrance but. It was a charity event for underprivileged women and just doesn't want somebody to think that she can get away with. Our bombing -- you know what's if you're gonna -- somebody -- -- later that the flower that's taking it to can you imagine the -- we talked about that he. You never get I think she wouldn't even if that had been glitter particular I would appreciate it flour bomb he now we know -- it's not really. Criminal -- that's true or visit now. The next time got a red carpet watch out after -- and president story it -- pan am mad men of course you know January Jones movies you know. There she is beautiful woman she just had a baby -- a little boy named Zander and she. A that plus senate staff after -- -- That's right the placenta placenta. The placenta is thought by many people to boost your energy -- your vitamin intake it is apparently filled with. Vitamins and minerals and she says. What it's something I was very hesitant about it but we are the only mammals who don't in -- our group a sense of whether or not. That's just not sure I uninterrupted didn't say how she prepared -- I think it was so hot tea at the little girl -- -- fava beans and a glass of red wine. -- but it I'll let you know all kidding aside a lot of people feel very strongly about it that this is something -- All others. I mean I get it and -- that is a natural thing but it in the -- -- and you know we have supplements I'm sure there's ways to get that without having the future percent to would you do it. -- you know I don't I. I got to me I don't know what I write about -- -- -- -- on rexrodt. I'd another one any loose change and I -- -- accountancy. -- -- about a have a lot of Los Angeles and in this. The backups they wanna sell their up big English estate a 24 acre state called -- -- palace -- that like a clever name. 48 million dollars well. -- in Los Angeles right now there it is they've bought it for seven and only four million dollars back in 1999 to point -- that's amazing he makes seven times the amount of their -- -- can donate milk if you do a lot of improvements on the place that marble floors and gardens and everything but the got you tennis courts there as well -- that -- doesn't want to spend more time -- it. They're having such a good time and -- kids seem to be so happy with LA they're really turning into yanks those bricks turning into Americans turning their back other outlet and that that LL let the sunshine and LA's pretty -- -- -- us do you like LA there's a whole group of British act that's an island and then naturally they'll sell the place and in the year they'll be homes there you go.

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{"id":16002639,"title":"Simon Cowell's Home Invasion Scare","duration":"4:07","description":"\"X-Factor\" judge's London home was broken into by a brick-wielding woman.","url":"/WNN/video/simon-cowells-home-invasion-scare-16002639","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}