The Sleep Placebo Effect

Can believing you had a good night sleep mean you had one?
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for The Sleep Placebo Effect
Next time. Chances are you watching this right now you may have some sleep related issues we certainly do working the shift. But there's a new study out that says just thinking that you've got a good night's sleep could actually help you are measurably during the -- Placebo effect positive thing power of positive thinking it was actually study and students were told. But they were told they got a good night's sleep and the cost they were told Adam believe that they perform better on tests measuring their attention and memory skills. Even though they slept poorly in these studies. -- -- you're not really watching world news now usually things you for hours David Garrity on clock goes off tell yourself you got eight -- and it's great. And have a good day tomorrow. I have an -- Friday OK we'll show you these pictures from this. Really ingenious calendar that a group senior citizens -- from a retirement home in Germany. The recreating the movie scenes cell this is an 86 year old and 81 year old of course getting Titanic just like Maria let me ask. -- kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- It isn't that. 86 year old Maryann there are moving and that we've got a very steadily 890. Game. Let's get. And very creative they printed 5000 of these calendars and -- -- -- there and I hope this cat and the very special edition begins to. That act that -- Politics and foreign wars all the wet their all the flowers at the world move full. Around the World -- -- -- the -- years I've got the -- that's the world news -- It's late at night if I know wide awake and -- wearing -- -- So grab your world newfound mud and everybody -- -- have some fun -- out every anchor guy gal. -- -- the world move Pope. Why go out to Russia for Olympic -- from far. We've got the win your game right here they're digging out my car. Polar vortex polar vortex polar vortex -- mark fact that the world. Hold. I can't walk on this snowy sidewalk -- it's not my fault. The doctor told me that I have to stay away from -- Have couldn't find the -- now every anchor guy and now Google world -- that 92 -- told. A pair of what the Boston thing bearable -- -- and if your neighbors Paul but perhaps there's all you have to do. When they yell at half half and -- an epiphany. That's the world -- -- got -- alarm. C -- Monday.

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{"id":21648649,"title":"The Sleep Placebo Effect","duration":"3:00","description":"Can believing you had a good night sleep mean you had one?","url":"/WNN/video/sleep-placebo-effect-21648649","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}