'Smashed' Movie Preview

Director James Ponsoldt's film is critically acclaimed and opens nationwide on October 19th.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Transcript for 'Smashed' Movie Preview
-- Now retired US special edition of -- he attacked a new film which debuted at Sundance is getting amazing reviews it's called smash. The -- an alcoholic school teacher who decides to get -- the plot here really -- -- to us about this couple Katie and Charlie and they this year a lot of things but maybe their common not those in the love of drinking she decides to be said. To get -- -- that kind of lead so another series of events are real kind of as intimate look at the relationship and -- their family life so joining us have a talk more about the movie which are getting a ton of great present in about. Is -- one and only director of the movie games popular games like so much a man that religion has always gonna have a real live human here on seventy cents up -- -- What was in -- motivation for reform the movie. Buzz that started as a conversation between myself my co writer Susan Burke. Sort of sharing stories about very stupid things being done -- -- drunk and I have a lot of stories she has even more he's wonderfully hilarious comedian. He's also -- -- she stopped drinking in early twenties -- going to a so a lot of experiences and events in the stories we're sort of inspired by her own life. I have an all star cast here now we have a really amazing cast really lucky we have Aaron Paul for breaking bad Mary Elizabeth Winston Scott Pilgrim Octavia Spencer -- the help. Nick offerman park and recreation Megan Mullally who is his wife. Whoever really knows as little -- in place really really lovely -- cannot comprehend how. How to kill these people -- -- outfits like the -- start past year you know -- begs pottery. Knock on the doors or accidentally said yes and in other artists and they're really excited to play you know what parts and -- on the really care about. What was the important part -- -- a director in terms of showing the evolution of this country particularly. Kate and her struggles with alcohol with her family you know help what was important to capture about that -- -- won't even walk away having sent. I get it. -- what we're really -- and not making. Purely a social issue film -- -- film it's sort of a feel bad film a film that should be innocent and you think it's good -- you like a big bowl of -- we want to make a -- that have a lot of humor that was really relatable and they didn't sort of objective by someone and make them broken in -- redeemable so Kate is really someone -- could be your sister your ex -- your ex girlfriend. Someone that can be you know at anyone you know and it really is a story about. -- -- struggle redemption in sort of a -- to danger of him drunk people on the Internet. Let's we all have a friend he's probably battled addiction one that some form or another Vietnam -- Octavia Spencer was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno talking about how she kind of got into character should take a listen. -- you don't drink do you do research in this role would you what did you do I don't really drink day and I kept thinking what does it feel like to be drug so I wouldn't. You know drink a glass of wine fall asleep and I always forgot what it felt like. Some character -- I think we rarely is we're getting it back to look. -- -- alcoholism it's such a heavy topic how do you turn that into. You know what you've created here well you know I think we'll keep you -- time in alcoholics anonymous meetings you realize that there is in lot of humor and that's how people use humor to sort of process -- deal with pain and -- sort of people have. You know shared experiences through that and I think it -- so allows an audience -- live. Access and ability to sort of deal with so that's going to be really tough and it doesn't just make you feel. Horrible and actually allows you to sort of maybe talk about your images and Kelly congratulations here's -- the movie didn't incredibly well and some dance the early buzz is -- -- Oscar buzz. For the lead characters so far so one congratulations and help -- -- economy. You know I just follow this -- -- few seconds -- it's very exciting you know we have beautiful -- excited -- -- believe that the -- beginning and -- really great performances and then officially opens on October 12 in new York and Los Angeles and it will expand nationwide -- -- -- they don't check it out good morning.

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{"id":17402649,"title":"'Smashed' Movie Preview","duration":"3:00","description":"Director James Ponsoldt's film is critically acclaimed and opens nationwide on October 19th.","url":"/WNN/video/smashed-movie-preview-17402649","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}