Snooki Tweets After Having Her Baby

The new mom and "Jersey Shore" star tweets that she loves being a mom.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Snooki Tweets After Having Her Baby
It's not just any breaking news to -- had a child over the weekend. And so. Little point six pounds five ounces remember this from the we can I had to do the start to. Is that why -- all -- this out all over and I learned all about this week and otherwise had having he's an expert but since I am now some somehow this cookie expert let me read you some tweets from -- she is that we -- on being -- -- some of the -- Thank you for all the love and support Lorenzo loves you guys already. Being a mom is amazing feeling I love my little man to get Giuliani is such acute -- hope I'm not going out of -- here to stay with me. Hardly any sleep but it still work that she pointed out and I like this one I'm finally able to eat eggs again. While I was pregnant I can't even -- album. Now on killing -- with egg whites. They don't you didn't have similar versions I didn't like coffee and I am a huge coffee fanatics couldn't -- -- -- -- -- -- with my -- -- pickles and -- I'm kind of cliche of the leaders I like -- -- grew to -- hot sauce -- everything -- -- hot sauce and -- on everything they don't want to stay with -- -- it is -- then get pressure. OK so Lindsay low -- Poor girl. In some more travel I think she's been in the news about every other week according to -- and disease. She's a suspect in the theft of a 100000. Dollars worth of watches. And sunglasses of course this is according to new C and I knew what -- -- -- she's still information for the actors in this case involving a necklace and a menace to restart. Yeah according to TMZ she went to the -- -- Sam -- a week ago he called the LAPD reported -- jewelry -- -- who reportedly Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle were both suspects but when there's a twist Sam has now reaching into this story. And says nothing was stolen. But cannot come from not good Allen -- -- -- the one good thing is that there's always something to take for a -- bell bottom. I was the American authorities say yeah thank you thank you little attention -- the Jones Roger Moore former double 07 -- in the suave debonair Roger Moore from the nineteen says he's done. Good Ramos admits he's a Smart man he says Daniel Craig is the best possible time which is great -- -- say because people say no you aren't you are. But Roger Moore says he he's 84 is old news is that Daniel Craig is the best actor to play James Bond and also has the best films. And I think that that's probably not debatable. -- James Bond -- let you decide on the -- Paula but are looking back on his long career Roger Moore said. Back then I can leap out of the chair without fear my knees cracking I think she's talking without cracking -- -- You can admire my flowing locks and my -- slim torso is getting good sense of humor but. He thinks that Daniel Craig is the best of -- -- I almost have to agree is -- and Daniel Craig is he second up against the other James Bonds and yet I was going to see the movie. I don't have high expectations but -- -- performance in Iraq looming on the water and heat is a very sexy debonair. Thanks he played just that especially with this this part in particular just completely stunning this really hard to choose they are also -- Dana thank you -- -- contrary -- that your that your favorite shouting and endeavor and I'm guessing and ante Jack wasn't double 07 but he's -- -- -- Okay STC Keebler and George Clooney right there and I know I -- my way or the highway honey she wanted to get -- He's Cossack in Italy of course he's meeting with flood to purchase a ten years ago and McConnell because she says there's just too many paparazzi -- out. An assistant -- she basically said. -- only and -- for me. I like how much else you take the house overseas -- well he's a handsome guy he'll find another one.

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{"id":17092677,"title":"Snooki Tweets After Having Her Baby","duration":"3:00","description":"The new mom and \"Jersey Shore\" star tweets that she loves being a mom.","url":"/WNN/video/snooki-tweets-baby-17092677","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}