The Snooze Alarm You Have to Chase

Check out the new alarm clock that rolls around the room that won't allow you keep snoozing.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for The Snooze Alarm You Have to Chase
Welcome matter about a time for the mix I wanted to show you all -- device right here. This actually an alarm clock not sedated try to go off for the right moment which -- live TV of course -- -- not work but this thing -- called clocking. It's not new but what it does here is it when it goes all the makes a typical alarm clock kind of sound here. But do the -- you have to actually. Is that if you hit -- and we are guilty of -- -- they -- an extra half hour. This single roles these two wheels here rolls off the table or whatever and then it goes around the -- kind of work around all the -- that you're -- love your -- -- -- -- tables -- -- -- you to get out of the bed to go. Shut it off and get up business at hand then doing what we all do this news in this news and -- and so. It may not go far as I predicted on schedule here but I tried to make off -- a minute don't be alarmed Paula if it goes on during your next urban this thing is very cool actually use this a new -- and I didn't did the morning shift. Any second now you never know -- carry on -- We don't know what you're about sleep being here right yes OK get closer to that it might might you -- -- -- there's been a recent study is -- for our university. All right. That's a noise you know I got here who's a big -- -- but I know we'll do it on the air. All right that was anti climatic -- this morning that they would roll off the table and roll on your floor and which affords you get out okay. I had just as complex and as an amendment might not -- up. There's this new study out out of Maryland yes -- when he was engaging in a case study -- -- eight hours on the record on on uninterrupted rule. It's basically false OK now let's get -- natural state is to have segment two periods of sleep so basically two -- and they're saying really. What did that the main culprit of this is the invention of the light -- okay back. They used to go to that right after the sun went down wake up for our -- ever. And then go back to -- at two chunks -- visited our own that we should all strive for that it is that most likely not gonna happen yeah and not gonna happen and since December it's -- to sleep and shocks is okay. They interrupted sleep is back and -- and speaking of getting good sleep next meal how I love must -- -- all this disaster area out of Japan won't -- it's basically a sweet shop a couple shots. -- look. Club lucky with few nuggets guard look -- -- test are directed it and -- didn't. It's awful news sort of mad at -- notoriety -- bedroom. John Kennedy started just download I can I swear to you like users anywhere in the morning show -- New Orleans had -- -- -- that's what. The alarm clock folks. That is the most annoying sound ever. -- -- -- that way again without -- get yes I. That's why did -- Shooter and I need help.

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{"id":17382335,"title":"The Snooze Alarm You Have to Chase","duration":"3:00","description":"Check out the new alarm clock that rolls around the room that won't allow you keep snoozing.","url":"/WNN/video/snooze-alarm-chase-17382335","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}