Snow Storms 2014: Homeowners Shocked by Costly Winter

Cities hit by winter's wrath are facing dwindling budgets for storm clean-up.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow Storms 2014: Homeowners Shocked by Costly Winter
-- -- drags on its cost is only going higher last month. Storms -- cost airlines -- 150 million dollars and there are those mounting costs to communities and of course millions of homeowners. Cities and towns across the areas hardest hit by winter's wrath or having -- same problem dwindling budgets to pay for cleaning up after storms it it is tough. We weren't there were. Just about get -- it -- what you were already 66000. Dollars. Over budget because of the storms this year that money going to. And plow operators about to clear the streets and for the salt they spread which in many places is in shockingly short supply. Just yesterday the price doubled actually so if it costs 300 dollars to -- truck -- not 600 dollars also in short supply and places that have had unusually cold weather propane and that means higher heating bills have to -- once kind of you know hit CI a ton -- -- They're not happy with the price of me neither are we did I just wanted to make sure everyone knows -- -- -- and -- Then there was last week's highway mess in and around Atlanta that damage so many vehicles now it's time to pay up -- body shops are seeing ten times as many cars that need repairs. Hail storms are nightmares floods are nightmares -- absolutely the worst. For millions the first day of spring can't come soon enough it is march 20 only six weeks from tomorrow. -- we need some believe one of the things hidden costs here are not -- hidden -- there -- a ton of pop goes out there when -- on the -- he had he had so many things really hard that there was story in New York where sixteen cars in a row at the same pothole and they all wound up at the same auto body shop and had hundreds and hundreds of dollars of repairs himself insists there that costs are -- up. Such a mess and then you have to keep going -- and shoveling -- so I went home and shovel in the morning I got home right after the shift that like the -- dark. And I thought I was gonna pull into my driveway -- the snowplow you know pushed all the snow off the street built up like a four foot wall right -- my driveway and this -- Heavy snow I've ever had to shovel. Out I'm telling you what I got my -- -- it took -- a long time to get my car just a little eight feet inside the the driveway to me now. An enemy -- and again today my friend resides. -- -- --

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{"id":22371156,"title":"Snow Storms 2014: Homeowners Shocked by Costly Winter","duration":"3:00","description":"Cities hit by winter's wrath are facing dwindling budgets for storm clean-up.","url":"/WNN/video/snow-storms-2014-homeowners-shocked-costly-winter-22371156","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}