Spanish Town Finds a Way to Beat Recession

To help promote "Smurfs 2," a hillside Spanish town paints all its houses blue.
2:55 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Spanish Town Finds a Way to Beat Recession
Mixed but not tough times and some countries in Europe right now still with the recession Spain -- one government one Spanish hillside town -- chasing away the recession blues by keeping their homes. -- -- Story in 2011 a Spanish hillside town David all the buildings -- and he won't you won't believe the reason why it was a promotion for a cartoon -- most. -- car accidents have calculated at about 2101000. Tourists have visited. Since they painted himself blue two years ago and they keep coming -- the town unanimously voted to keep. The homes blue instead of painting -- their traditional white. And they've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars people will apparently these smoke seeking tourists just keep coming for the go but it -- I love that idea. That's really cute okay moving on to -- very very interesting vending machine that's been set up. Did an airport in South Africa take a look at this it's interactive in that I can't do. Don't last too risky online that and -- dispensed -- -- They've got this built some facial recognition software solution is able to -- over 200 beyond and that didn't -- couple probably get a reward for BP hired. -- -- -- Break your -- yeah. Please spit up coffee not -- kind that would be about Arianna what happened -- -- -- as. All right let's give wedding proposal that you're just get what I like this one put -- the picture of Clifford Smith 45 of Clarksville Tennessee and his girlfriend. -- weekly 25 well. Yet the idea to bring her out on a plane -- -- who's doing some research for his graduate work and school. Cut out hard in the field and -- down 42 -- -- -- is a fifteen foot letters. And she was just absolutely thrilled of course she said yes and she said dad I turned around I looked -- on the and he had -- the box and I said yes and started crying it was also that was unbelievable. I love that we'll build -- vital is sticking with the wedding. The -- check this out OK so aren't. He carts are pretty standard you know he'd get an hour -- card you know that it's either yes or now happily accept -- Pittsburgh incredibly declined whether you're going you're not -- There's a couple in Chicago Katie -- and Chris could be out of came up with a very whoever RGE cards take a look at it's pretty involved sovereignty for the ticket. Basically said yes I will be attending because to work to -- the yes I'll be attending because in your wedding party 88 when he did this option care. A couple Lauren yes part and -- the -- section I won't be attending I blame on the scale of one to ten nightly news would be in the best nine point five to nine point. Range and then let my favorite it says I'll be watching the cubs win the World Series about cards maxed out -- and it says these options and into the second. They can actually happened plumber. Are now. Chicago out there going hey wait a minute that never.

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{"id":19767357,"title":"Spanish Town Finds a Way to Beat Recession","duration":"2:55","description":"To help promote \"Smurfs 2,\" a hillside Spanish town paints all its houses blue.","url":"/WNN/video/spanish-town-finds-beat-recession-19767357","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}