Summer Water Fun on UK Street

A street in Bristol, England turns into a water park after a huge water slide is added.
3:00 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Summer Water Fun on UK Street
And now it's time for the next so this may be the most creative use that every child -- -- -- have an eight man turns a giant water slide. On a busy street in England. And it's pretty -- and cool -- look at like slip and slide. He decides it's called that initiative called makes Sunday's special. And yet so many people that were interested in doing this head over a thousand applicants. Who were so interested. But not everybody can do it. Look at it in -- night. Do you get -- little touchy came yet. I have not -- on the too dangerous but they really know Kenya I tried -- -- that ripe old age but Democrats say uncomfortable -- -- a belly flop on the -- like about 35. And what did it start with thirty the that's -- -- -- -- This is such a great sort of it was like -- story -- which had caught an estimated documentary but I didn't but the supplemented he wants to meet all his FaceBook friends all 377. Once on a mission to meet him in real life some of them of course he knows some -- -- lost touch with the I'm only vaguely knew some movie doesn't know at all up. He's going to make -- mission of meeting these 377 FaceBook friends -- five year old Mike McLaughlin he's an army -- And this could be a great story good document you're right absolutely I don't know why -- and vigorous and starting his journey on April 1 he -- -- VW beetle. And he's on his way so look out -- this love to -- that. -- gave -- grounds of the theme song like you've never heard before you've got to listen to this it's a man who plays a song for the wine glasses pots. And hands because. And credible it was covered by the new York philharmonic orchestra and the show's cast -- yes they. And it's just because -- YouTube sensation and sensation -- new -- disagreement weeks at a -- Some challenging him to the world news now all I'm OK yeah that I -- All right here's little proof that you don't need -- necessarily to communicate that something's just transcend all boundaries of language and culture. Okay rock. Paper -- call a look at bat right. The game last -- to bring total strangers together is what happened for two unlikely friends. In Japan -- posted on YouTube it's gone viral. This sort of -- on -- -- you don't need boards though we connect Manning lose weight post this on YouTube the following description. And rock paper scissors -- -- young Japanese girl trains between Kyoto. Osaka simply. Genealogy all -- -- -- her Japanese exposing Americans she. They had -- at all time okay you know maybe that's important diplomacy when -- gets back. Have Russia and the White House -- and -- and Obama flew him enough.

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{"id":23634691,"title":"Summer Water Fun on UK Street","duration":"3:00","description":"A street in Bristol, England turns into a water park after a huge water slide is added.","url":"/WNN/video/summer-water-fun-uk-street-23634691","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}