Papers: Dear Ol' Dad

Do fathers put more importance on childbirth or the Super Bowl?
2:54 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Papers: Dear Ol' Dad
Its. World news now delivers your morning. But at least let's hope that you're not married to one of these guys cannot tell you about and you better not be won an academy that's what it okay. So there's a new -- survey of course as we do a million surveys. Out coupon cap and dot com actually did a survey and they surveyed 2600. Male adults. And asked them some particular questions 50% of these men -- that they would miss the birth of their child for the super ball quote. Well let me just a Super Bowl for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they would -- important work responsibility. 20% said -- miss a wedding of a close friend. 19%. Of that they would miss the funeral -- close friend and 15%. Guys you should be ashamed of exactly if it's you 15%. Said that he would miss the birth of your child that. That's little bit much that -- little bit much and they had that -- birth of his house -- little bit much I can't do you know that they have TVs. In the delivery -- -- Okay. -- -- -- in the -- when you look at things totally you know to -- with our own husband get it you can name it Tom -- -- who privileges in this respect the honesty of the bright side you know I mean come on -- -- -- is that that is who have been much so. Go giants. A patriot this story teller I clearly picked us when there's a group of active activists called -- and they are pretty popular in the Ukraine is they staged protest and they do so. Topless over the weekend here -- happened they went to the Swiss resort town of now hosts and they run the senior that's for the World Economic Forum takes place. Every -- these women rolled up topless as angry as little -- they have the other important political oppression that apple -- the -- -- fight but. Their claim -- -- today. Protest about an insurance -- as you can imagine it's freezing. It's -- -- right now so I was like full sense of there's a brave women somebody could have lost and I. To look -- it didn't put up -- -- -- after the daily email all of this -- on -- -- -- from Penn State and did you tell your girlfriend the two of the first. I don't remember that -- -- well here's the thing. They say that researchers have discovered -- the may end -- not the woman who is most likely to be the first to say I love you. How -- -- We can all assume why. Didn't they say that -- baby. More cynical explanation manner simply trying to smooth talk their partners into bed. Yeah I mean that's that's that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten minutes he says I love you don't fall though thoughtful really don't fall for that -- has never worked wouldn't really little -- -- -- Move tasteful we love --

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{"id":15470442,"title":"Papers: Dear Ol' Dad","duration":"2:54","description":"Do fathers put more importance on childbirth or the Super Bowl?","url":"/WNN/video/survey-of-fatherly-behavior-15470442","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}