The Tanning Mom Lightens Up

The persistent tanner who allegedly took her young child to a tanning booth has stopped tanning.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for The Tanning Mom Lightens Up
Well now it's time for the mix and mix it. Tanning mom Patricia grant slow from Nutley New Jersey were all talking about her and and even as another spoof on her well she stopped. Tanning it's been all month. And that was heard then -- Didn't look at her now. Hello. Yes this looks really good but she's sent so she's done with tanning for now but she will likely squeeze -- ten -- Here or there because. She feels a little -- feels weird and payoffs he says -- it actually looks. -- really good as she still. Denies taking her six year old daughter into the -- as she. Never ever did -- as well -- -- he -- -- -- on the right -- at a normal looking attractive woman on the left side you have a stir -- -- And tell me that -- that you gives me -- Please -- real quick here of course new study out showing most people of that 80% use FaceBook to do what. Spy on their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are nearly -- -- -- 88% to correct myself use it even if you don't -- and they say if you would stress yourself out even more he's -- extras if you keep fixes. And you're better off. Think about that line here's the Iraq still hope. Eight news got you down come -- And let's -- Politics and foreign wars hall in the land there on the -- as. -- -- Business news from Tokyo stock. It's not uncommon we'll show. Late at night you'll wide -- again you're not wearing pants so grab your. Love that everybody. Feel proud -- very good guy again around. The world -- -- Three tell them hey it's -- -- me. -- -- -- -- Dave every week we are here -- Yeah.

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{"id":16919648,"title":"The Tanning Mom Lightens Up","duration":"3:00","description":"The persistent tanner who allegedly took her young child to a tanning booth has stopped tanning.","url":"/WNN/video/tanning-mom-lightens-16919648","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}