Test Drive a Condom

A company wants people to try out a condom, give their story and they could win condoms for life.
2:59 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Test Drive a Condom
Already so here's an easy way to get the word out about contraception and there is this nonprofit group in Brazil they are hosting their fourth condom -- contest. -- -- -- them tester yes. To acted out to submit your story. Hopefully -- works and they're going to pick from the winner and the winner will receive free condoms. For a whole year is some sort of a market that are testing some new -- -- -- Yes -- it it's because it's a prudent brand condoms and it's basically. A lower cost. -- -- I hope there's no -- -- spirit. All right also apparently according to ESPN -- More bad news these days that in the past -- shopping for their families to restore her Manhattan has created the man IO with the the road basics in the -- more right don't oh god in the hair balls business. It -- -- -- they had ships -- charcoal the hot sauce here they have all the goodies you'd think. Soda beer condoms -- that. A protein bars coffee Foster plays also the guys need in one -- I think that's brilliant so. Obviously spread across the country -- so multiple. Politics and foreign war it. All the way of their all the stories. -- the world. Takes that role in the -- well stocked his I'm -- -- -- -- and you're not wearing it and so grab you. Again everybody dance. Hands above and beyond how everything here diet now. Okay. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When the L and -- -- That's -- the regulation that's why we don't work. So -- OK -- CNN's. All day every. Not everything. -- --

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{"id":16867562,"title":"Test Drive a Condom","duration":"2:59","description":"A company wants people to try out a condom, give their story and they could win condoms for life.","url":"/WNN/video/test-drive-condom-16867562","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}