Throwback Thursday: 25 Years of the Nintendo Game Boy

A look at the handheld device that changed gaming forever.
3:52 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Throwback Thursday: 25 Years of the Nintendo Game Boy
-- -- they're my friend today and we're inside one of the -- little -- -- them. In the entire world you. Yeah -- the game boy Nintendo's wildly popular hand held game playing device was launched one in five years ago this. And I couldn't count how many hours actually spent on my around. Health and deftly held -- countless millions of data every one fell in love this. Now let's -- of the game for survival 1989 as a watershed year Madonna dot com. George Bush senior America and the 41 president Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini died Chinese students stood up to their leaders in Tiananmen square. I'm Walt came tumbling down here at home home Michelle -- popular one on TV and Batman and your biggest box office leader against them. Not that the Energizer bunny. The public and yeah it's still going and going and going with -- this unleaded gas cost the dollar and twelve cents. A gallon we'll bring -- -- NRA is important game boy. You can't find the game machine had argued that mark the beginning eighties some people worried and looking up game console for their feet but. Game boy eating up all that power in the Palmieri and who wouldn't want one after seeing this fourteen point mark. Thanks Sarah Palin wasn't humanly possible. Now you can have all the color and excitement of Nintendo right in the introducing hidden -- it's vulnerable -- and family. And -- games are interchangeable parts of the ignores completely how were you just knew. Actress and boyfriend -- competition he -- the revolutionary video. Tensions are pretty outrageous -- affected. You're like game -- beat out everything -- competitor out there aids deaths -- 8999. Iran pretense of thirty hours on just more than double A -- But Timorese secret weapon was it came installed with textures that -- Killer -- has on the team in national obsession. Having dreams about song. -- -- It didn't like it -- it was so addictive soon there -- other classic games like super Marion -- of course. And the. And of course there was. -- a -- game boy and help make in the global phenomenon. Nintendo the first -- -- number one million game boys back in 1989 sold out in just a couple of weeks. It was the hottest Christmas present the year and it wasn't just for kids you're getting that. -- -- -- you better believe it and despite its name girls really like the -- six years after launch Nintendo claims 46% of all the game boy uses to a female. The company kept that in mind in their marketing -- really interesting this -- -- -- coming here -- game I went through several different versions and upgrade over the years and eventually its current period. The original game boy -- finally retired in 2003 but that was after selling nearly a hundred in nineteen. I think it was a hit. -- today nearly every one can play games in the palm of their hands thanks for the -- horse dying out but they -- and -- The granddaddy of them all the original -- right. -- game board -- yeah.

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{"id":23450195,"title":"Throwback Thursday: 25 Years of the Nintendo Game Boy","duration":"3:52","description":"A look at the handheld device that changed gaming forever.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-25-years-nintendo-game-boy-23450195","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}