Tina Fey Goes Topless in Promo

Spoofing her "nip slip" at the Emmy Awards, Tina Fey shows goes topless in "SNL" promo.
3:47 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Tina Fey Goes Topless in Promo
Skating judge you gotta love Tina thanks very funny always of course and she had a wardrobe malfunction again these. People calling -- admit -- and as a small line but thanks to the Internet went viral and you can might go frame to frame in this and that well anyway of course you -- fun of it in a promo because she's going to be back on SNL hasn't been on a long time. And -- a promo for the show coming up on Saturday night it's pretty funny -- High. I'm Tina -- and I'm posting this season premiere of Saturday Night Live this week with musical guest arcade fire and there will be no wardrobe malfunctions look at him now -- -- -- listen to do. No came the before and -- and I think it's not gonna happen I -- add senate control not gonna happen again. -- -- -- -- when that happens right they've got up yet Carly was a blink and you miss it moment I didn't even see a but it did go viral happened when that had arrived on stage yet but they're called rider Traci. We -- to accept an award for outstanding writer and -- comedy series but yeah. She turned and it's a home run. You gotta do these days and by the way SNL's going to be quite it is his legacy is likely at all -- -- -- cast members. Bill later left Fred -- last. You're -- -- gingerly they just left so we have a whole New England -- that person who breaks out and is the new you know how it always happens at one that everybody goes for right everybody -- I think this is the one to watch. You aren't coming into this deal and -- is once again not because of anything she -- more because something her half sister little known Ashley Horne. -- is eighteen year old Ashley -- she is Lindsay -- half sister from. AM and a brief affair that until his dad had back in the early 1990s she's eighteen years old and apparently. She had a 25000. Dollars worth of procedures because she wants to look more like -- -- Sister really well again won't take a look at that I guess she looks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted to look more like Lindsay Lohan when she was fresh 1819 years old. Not now that I guess we're -- -- excellent on the fire you don't want war meant dismantle I cannot -- Right number so but the big deal what makes this or even crazier she -- not Sam -- -- -- -- but I'm not Lindsay. I don't want a relationship with her I don't have a relationship with her. I don't drink don't do drugs I like being a responsible person you know -- Lindsay when she was eighteen she probably tell you. And a moment that one. Marty Johnson must former hawk from the eighties hits and an explosive device say don't say -- again John's -- -- and giving. Just some strange allergic reaction. Anyway he turned to acting space and some pretty candid stuffy and touch weekly gave an interview -- I don't wanna be a bachelor anymore. I'm sure there's some ladies and still lineup -- you know -- about -- -- -- old -- -- alone forever but he told in touch to world is different now at least ten years I thought I've got to get married again and have kids so I'm open to it he just says that he'd really like to be. In a relationship but the thing -- adjusting his nice handsome guy still cast has gotten gains that they had no moves. I'm -- -- a girl feel like I'm being presumptuous. Scott don't mind that's part of the -- to do anything -- consider Starbucks and drink some coffee. He then yeah resonated. At fifty he's really got -- -- -- that we don't have all the time that somebody it's quick anyway Richard Gere and -- -- -- apparently have split after eleven years of marriage that is sit back. But this is a friend telling People Magazine this they have told ABC news in a statement that we are not releasing a statement commenting at this time so. Aren't doing see how this one but there are rumors that -- -- --

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{"id":20379119,"title":"Tina Fey Goes Topless in Promo","duration":"3:47","description":"Spoofing her \"nip slip\" at the Emmy Awards, Tina Fey shows goes topless in \"SNL\" promo.","url":"/WNN/video/tina-fey-topless-promo-20379119","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}