Toddler Cries While Watching Parents' Wedding Video

A 2-year-old girl grows emotional watching a slideshow of her parents' wedding photos.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Toddler Cries While Watching Parents' Wedding Video
Time now for the next do you get emotional at weddings she -- We see your friends left and I think that that I have a daughter -- I'd say and amid a little older I'm more emotional than ever been OK Wally and I -- around emotion over -- they get -- -- this cap and mother decided to videotape her daughter she's watched. The wedding her parents' wedding video and their daughter dances they were dancing -- a song called feels like home. And he just couldn't watch fox face. Question. This. Credible that she understands. The emotion behind it and not slowed little -- -- staring right. -- much less -- -- anti I guess she's got. Actually it. -- Q he's going all right spelling bees and how intense these again gonna go to Kansas City first spelling -- that's not over yet started on Saturday. The Jackson County library. Sixteen rounds later they're still going punch for punch they had a suspended -- march 25 students started. Two were standing at Sophia Hoffman -- -- fifth grader. And then there is -- Charlotte -- -- seventh grader last year championship -- 21 rounds there 66 now they ran out of more. Can resume march -- and this one is important decides who goes to DC for that. National finals. In other words there is that good that they just didn't name it's a shame that both can go it's related to anybody -- to lose after sixty rounds yet that is impressive. Usually when you went to volley were warned to watch out for the monkeys yes should've told this guy -- -- -- down and go broke hammered again. Send video have been feeding monkeys and what -- monkeys and takes off with the -- -- Pretty interesting if couple went out I got back they had to Thrivent so that -- it temple and so what other people one of the volunteers there had to ride the monkey with fruit. -- -- -- -- -- and and then grabbed the camera them exactly that thing this is a Smart figure out how to take a battery out of the -- -- -- -- -- stops at one point because. We'll reflect. We have Obama he's a -- in the known to be very aggressive pat this temple by the way Scott in the grid our production through right now went to this very spot and had a short written by these very monkeys. Spots outside. She really quickly get -- this last one didn't -- the stuff man doing what you might see on a motorcycle or bicycle. He's -- run a loop the loop. And trying to not do it faster and faster without centrifugal force -- they estimate that he ran eight point six miles an hour to -- definitely -- pretty impressive. Don't believe you might have yet again he asked yeah. False.

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{"id":22645239,"title":"Toddler Cries While Watching Parents' Wedding Video","duration":"3:00","description":"A 2-year-old girl grows emotional watching a slideshow of her parents' wedding photos.","url":"/WNN/video/toddler-cries-watching-parents-wedding-video-22645239","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}