Toilet Paper Advertisements

Two New York brothers have developed a concept for bathroom advertising.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for Toilet Paper Advertisements
-- -- -- the makes everybody about the 1984 George -- like this advertising everywhere it might in fact meet 1980 force that is being one of the west bath leaves out one of the last bastions of privacy about -- -- be invaded by advertisements listen to this. Two Brothers from suburban New York have come up with a concept. They were put advertising on a roll of toilet paper Brian Jordan -- promoting that. Toilet issue printed legally -- yup and do you write about that and sometimes we have coupon codes that can be read by yourself on. It's going to be very entertaining -- like a public place or something. The journal news reports that the Brothers expect their products geared up here this fall for the first time in the Port Chester Rye -- Public library talk about a captive audience Paula had nothing better to do. Move it east -- here understand that's what I want to know they're good question I would have coordinated their bloodstream would have to think that they've figured out a way that that's not gonna happen. What are -- journalist OK so from the toilet -- to the museum of -- every transaction -- adorable little later changed at the -- get zoo between an elephant in the sea lions and what little Asian elephant named Fred I took out on her walk her daily -- And she meandered over to of the sea lions are. And -- -- her trunk over and -- of the sea lions Ely is famous. Isn't that just adorable. And should tap into the the long look at the little elephant grants region's battered trunk and then it looks like -- tries to -- under. Proof right there. Check out this wanted to talk about purchasing a thousand words you can put the picture if you want -- Brazilian man. Had an unfortunate accident -- iron bar pierced his skull that. Naturally the three are can you believe this. Point four at least 224 year old construction workers survived after a six foot metal bar fell from above -- -- -- This is in Rio de Janeiro -- -- Got a little cold and failing to go to the operating room and -- doctor decided to pull more out from the front in the same direction entered the brain he was conscious when he arrived at the hospital he was. -- city showed no negative consequences. After the operation that is. Also can I just say one word what -- Out OK so far want to sit hated -- -- -- gentlemen out there to be wrong. I never know you're never run for. Keep it or ladies were on Iran at some point on the big happen and Massachusetts Maine and gets the wrong lottery -- yeah it turns out to be a winner nobody wins a million dollars and basically it's actually. At four five dollar blue ice extent and ticket I'm familiar with these and instead was given a -- and sentenced. But bid they capture him and Ron white's role within his throw another one million dollars. Took the cash out option 430000. Dollars after taxes. He's gonna get a new -- -- it's just roll with a focus.

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{"id":17040435,"title":"Toilet Paper Advertisements","duration":"3:00","description":"Two New York brothers have developed a concept for bathroom advertising.","url":"/WNN/video/toilet-paper-advertisements-york-brothers-bathroom-ad-concept-17040435","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}