Tokyo In Reverse

A new viral video shows a man walking backward through Tokyo - and then video is reversed.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tokyo In Reverse
-- -- into the mix and we start with a really cold video the so called Tokyo -- person it was posted on -- out director captures -- guy walking through Tokyo backwards. But then he reversed the video. And it looks like that guy is walking forward and everyone around him his walking back. And married isn't that early college is one of those thing you know really it. Think condemning a love seat and he captured everything that is happening is actually happening in. Forward motion yeah but then they reverse the videos that looks like satanic imaging and I wonder -- you -- -- his movements like the ways head turns in this in that -- Did he have to manipulate like media -- -- Finally -- half the smiles. I mean they kind of don't look like a walking normally I'm the -- -- the right of your screen kind of looks like he's struggling to -- yeah you're right that's what it looks like when Galveston expressed -- that -- that in that -- can't really see it's a look at. -- -- It's really cool British based group called circular store circus group they are aiming to elect -- -- performance art. And they -- themselves -- -- spaces this is an old abandoned Victorian factory. To something out of -- dream like the hardcore they do classic circus stuff and basically that put together this is sort of their mission to. Find places like this is is it on use Victorian sale factory in the heart of London's east then. -- put on these shows where they sort of video at all. And you just get a walking tour really cool right. And it's nice three imagination of what that faith. Could be or it be nice work there he had that's -- In New York says area yeah. But check this out another fun video we want to show you this what happening. Pinball. The Michigan and -- expo 2014 so -- -- -- -- machine and the ball gets stuck. Between check -- out what to say that happening here and that bumper hacking up his score as things go. But no matter how cool that look it actually didn't work out from our guys because. The bumper -- before he was able to achieve the highest score. But so that -- our. It never have and I -- a lot of them all I've had this happened maybe we're like ten seconds to go home seconds but not like yeah. That's making the rubber -- must. The -- at. I take a look at this -- -- combining their street view that a search engine with a voice over now and you can take virtual tours of the city this -- of Marseilles France. And besides getting -- visualize but you're also getting narration he does that happen there. Now I'll hear anything that you get the -- You go again as you get a narration of the city thank you wanna say this is really kind of great at the tickets or -- -- myself you know. Literally -- area alerting us -- thanks very cold.

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{"id":23233602,"title":"Tokyo In Reverse","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows a man walking backward through Tokyo - and then video is reversed.","url":"/WNN/video/tokyo-reverse-23233602","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}