Top 5 most underrated gadgets of the summer

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows us some lesser-known contraptions you may not even have known you needed.
4:26 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Top 5 most underrated gadgets of the summer
Welcome back and of course we like to give young Talbott the latest gadgets that are out there on the market but. All too often many don't make headlines and largely go unnoticed so this morning arc is what is Dick DeBartolo. Is joining us has to show some helpful gadgets he may not actually know about good morning good morning Candace have some fun stuff are as you said some brand new V some not knew what you may not know that these so little on off switches that don't turn anything on and off except the light inside. And what that means is you need know why airing or anything. So in a tool shed where there's no power yeah one of these on the wall what you're saying there you can use this really blinding -- Qaeda might well. I'm good to say that because there's also a version like that. That more suited more soothing. And on Amazon I reading that a lot of parents put them down low where kids can't. Reach the light switch yes it is big win and get their belongings whoever they want to put the better operated so turned him on and off are off when not needed. The mean this is very clever so to phone charging cable with a difference you'll see this big kind of bullish here. Because that's a fresh memory in them as you charge your phone then it copies everything off your phone. On to this memory spoke out we don't want that yesterday. I don't ever think everything you can you lose your phones. The next time you plug this into the new phone it'll say it'll have a right there you want everything from the old phone on this ball or do you want. Just check the full vision one I like it did it's really wrong for now. I have an LG. LGG six which is now using it to new USB yet this company's not making USB version yet. So I put these little US BC. But converted so basically that tiny little guy yep boy this is micro USB dislike this guy on here I was gonna do it over here. And so in town this works in my new chief of the central the new Samsung exec yeah gap that they the legality very cheap like under seven dollars to two of them I've been bought one that I carry I'm making change OK how okay. Jersey Terry that underneath this is need this and yet been no hold bells. So instead of having holes in the belt and and sometimes you make your own hall because it it. So gained weight yes he's gay now wait a second assuring the back of that. So there are these little indentations. There were 36 of them she can be justice bill that every quarter. Inch I can have dessert I you can have this very DSL unless there aren't likely you can hear it adjusting. Sounds like they're just like cranking you're what are what are your go to waste and then each quarter. And then at Thanksgiving you need no more room only it was gaming that they've noticed this as an art out you go. So there's this. Version which I like because it's very convenient and with that buckle up. And then Dante makes this version. You have a selection earning 24 different belt buckles but I find the little release on the bottom because not as convenient. That puck went off final guys sunglasses Y just ordinary sunglasses what wage rate of 61 they had they built then. Bottle open you get to the beach holly Gagne got me I. Now I cannot use this yet this right because I think it if it breaks I wanted to break on any Aaron OK so they asked. There. Awesome can't worked. You know during an alcoholic beverage. Chickens ginger beer you know there's not calling ginger beer period. I believe there. I'm married to undergo didn't do something defeated Jurgen Zack and Carol great to get out yet great. Also great devices are. This lipstick Dick DeBartolo thank you so much you welcome really appreciated and of course you can get more on this ad is whizzed up this had on our website of course WNN fans dot com. Programs like rooms now.

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{"id":48695588,"title":"Top 5 most underrated gadgets of the summer ","duration":"4:26","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows us some lesser-known contraptions you may not even have known you needed.","url":"/WNN/video/top-underrated-gadgets-summer-48695588","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}