The Truth Behind Chaw

Legislation is trying to be enacted to eliminate chewing tobacco.
3:37 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for The Truth Behind Chaw
Welcome back the World Series could end tonight if the Texas Rangers defeat the St. Louis Cardinals of course the cards win. The series will come down to a decisive game seven tomorrow night and that's what -- Gave him -- always -- we either way He watched closely you'll likely to see at least. A few players out there chewing tobacco a long time tradition that some critics now are trying to chew up. And spit out. It's one of baseball's -- traditions chewing tobacco -- didn't. -- A ritual effected by the foods. -- -- -- And imitated by little leaguers portrayed here in the film the sand lot and but worries about the health risk from that kind of hero worship. Is fueling a new push to snuff the stopped right out of Major League Baseball. It would be absolutely criminal to continue. To allow our children to have modeled before them by their sports heroes such destructive. Behavior. Reverend Richard Land head of the southern Baptist is one of dozens of religious leaders calling for a big league -- They say chewing tobacco is hurting their communities addicting their young while exposing them to risks like cancer and high blood pressure. Smokeless tobacco use among teen boys is up by more than 36%. -- Von Behrens was one of those teens now after more than thirty surgeries for oral cancer he's taken his story from high schools to the halls of congress. My new worries you -- live lent him my faith. And him alert tonight -- in the exam I've been through. They had they had educated and -- the -- then about whether or not they -- maintained that they think that. This of course is an uphill battle -- the players we spoke to said they're well aware of the health risk but said chewing tobacco and baseball go hand in hand. I honestly don't late Dennehy. You know buzzer fact confident -- -- -- It's kind of baseball than 21 year old ray -- started chewing seven years ago after watching his sports idols do it. His teammates lying -- did they would give him a competitive -- -- -- -- -- the ideal of I'll phone have -- -- got to be different Ryan -- insists that one day they will quit. But some big league veterans think the times come for baseball's role models to step up to the plate. The messages for his wife son and we have to put before the better space in -- face has to see one without helpful to their lives. Unbelievable I ask you this you know they still look -- sympathetic give them a competitive edge in what sense does it give them that why did -- think that see their heroes do it. And that's I think that's the real that's real motivation for them a group of senators now trying to get this stuff out of the game for good -- trying to get into the next MLB. I'll contract a contract is up in December of nova players are trying to fight it so between now the end of the year we'll have to negotiate this happened look at that guy who suffered thirty surgeries -- -- cancer had a look at the guy's face and and keep on doing -- so hopefully. We'll see real debate goes and it is there any kind of a high associated with -- and visit and relax except what flat what's the what's the draw other than the fact that there -- still -- -- -- -- in Jersey City -- of little bit of buzz off of it but. You know that it's more at someone becomes an addiction to something to do because it's so associated with -- game of baseball so. Interesting topic -- story and a thank you are more world news now coming up right after broom.

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{"id":14815285,"title":"The Truth Behind Chaw","duration":"3:37","description":"Legislation is trying to be enacted to eliminate chewing tobacco.","url":"/WNN/video/truth-chaw-14815285","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}