Having Turkey Trouble? Call the Hotline

The Butterball turkey hotline is on the ball when things go wrong.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Transcript for Having Turkey Trouble? Call the Hotline
Happy Thanksgiving everyone here up with us at this hour there's a chance that your are pretty hard at work for tonight's -- it is a big when preparing that Turkey of course is a lot of hard work but luckily help as they say. It's just a phone call away joining us now by phone is Mary -- -- of the butterball. Turkey talk like could be -- very critical operational this Thanksgiving morning good morning -- -- how are you happy Thanksgiving. -- mine have a Thanksgiving -- you yes there's still. Lot of time look we're talking about people now we'll probably that ticket hours -- out so we can help you at Stanford. Check does not -- out that might be a lot of mental problems -- the most important. That's our -- let's get started what is one of the most common questions that you get on this Turkey day. Absolutely it did develop made a ticket back right now I get what -- -- do. And and understand feature gives them a little bit because that's fine it's going -- insect could -- it is still has some time at this point if you can't. Later in the cold water for a few hours and -- -- finish -- out. So don't put it in the microwave -- what you're saying. The good. You don't actually he and eating well -- twelve pounds. There's good -- currency had set a pattern that that in the in this lot and I hungry men feeling that microwaves are good but don't remember -- -- What is the biggest disaster. -- ever -- dude looks like the worst thing you've ever heard. While again -- -- titled -- -- read -- -- Turkey is -- based. Actually paid for out of bed just Holler about -- but then she realized -- -- on the night before he had no idea where her Turkey lives. Malaria and her. But instead you know -- headed to Larry and we immediately the advent of the Internet I really didn't think that people were still calling this Turkey lines at all but you're saying that actually happens quite -- -- -- -- -- idea how many people actually calling this number. All -- today there's 55 of us and we will help all the 121000 damage today. And gas company is now and -- he had an all in all the stuff that's going on I've thought about that. That is a killer -- for helping these people and it's just -- fun day we're gonna really got lots of information to share with you and we're happy to do it. Wow I never would have guessed twelve thousands -- -- and America. Monetary. Yeah. And it just so folks know they're these are having trouble with the big -- -- what -- -- -- home and what hours you guys be available today. Yeah it's 1800 by about which is 1802888372. And check out by about background lots of resources then there. And we're gonna be all -- this morning as. 58. It's your time and tell where there wouldn't be here -- -- line they'll give us a. -- they're what's the message to people out there like me who have no idea where to start or where to finish and we panic and we he always sure Iraq and we always think -- -- gonna like -- Turkey. Is to help us out what's the what's the main advice on this Turkey day for people like me go to red lobster. Yeah. But that's. -- yeah. -- -- -- I had. What actually on that Turkey the easiest part of the -- and Hawaiian king you don't have to think that you don't have that covered. You needed Jeff -- to -- 25 degrees out and do a great job but we do plan that people. Over have to give a battle over with the chicken little -- they don't wanna do dad is dead meat from amnesty could take it out -- -- -- is. All right good advice sounded like from the experts no less than they had an -- -- happy Thanksgiving to you once again thank you for joining us this morning. Everything today there are guys who did she said it just didn't Evans returning by the -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- everybody.

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{"id":21039749,"title":"Having Turkey Trouble? Call the Hotline","duration":"3:00","description":"The Butterball turkey hotline is on the ball when things go wrong.","url":"/WNN/video/turkey-trouble-call-hotline-21039749","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}